June Challenge: Sunrise… Entry #3 Drive-by Sunrise

When the Sunrise Challenge was first announced, I know I am in trouble. For one I am not an early riser that I check my alarm clock a couple of times before sleeping on my work days. The sunrise challenge is indeed a “true challenge”.

Since it was announced, on my days off, I put my alarm on so I can check the sunrise and see if it is beautiful, but unluckily I did not have any luck at all. I was panicking for I don’t remember to have any sunrise pictures in my archives.

Last week I was looking through some of my old pictures and came across this sunrise picture, a drive-by-photography from Kansas. The quality is not good as I used my old I-phone in taking this. The foreground of the original picture is not beautiful either, so I tried to find a solution by photoshopping our backyard as the foreground.

There you go Lala. Although this challenge is so hard, it made me feel challenged to look for ways and means to find a solution. Hope the next challenge is not as hard as this. LOL.

Drive-by Sunrise (Photo by Tess)

Drive-by Sunrise
(Photo by Tess)


17 thoughts on “June Challenge: Sunrise… Entry #3 Drive-by Sunrise

  1. Amazingly enough, Tess only sent me one photo for the challenge. You know how she is, sending several and then making poor Lala choose! But now she is getting sneaky by sending two photos in one photo by using photoshop. I tell you we have to watch these crazy women!

    And then Robin wanting to send a sunset to fool poor Lala! It’s no wonder I have so much grey in my hair… or is it gray?

    • Thank you Lala. I only sent one this time for I barely have one to submit. But this time the trick works by sending 2 photos combind into one, sneaky? yes but it works. LOL.

      Thanks to Robin for I am not the only cause to Lala’s graying hair. It’s gray Lala cause the Grey is a dirty little book series. LMAO.

  2. Your back yard? You own a national park. Where are the wildebeest? Oh, yea, they’re snoozing.

    It’s really nice, lovely cloud forms.

    • That is too funny Robin. I should should say “our back field”, We don’t only own few acres in the middle of nothingness where the skanks meets the cayotes. LOL.

      • OMG Tessie! Did you mean “skanks” or “skunks”?
        Here’s a definition for you:
        Skank may refer to: a slang term for a promiscuous person!

        First you tell me about a “dirty little book series” (and btw… I like to read!) and then you are telling me you have skanks in your back field! What kind of a place do you have out there in the country?????

  3. Ha ha ha Lala, thanks for the correction. It’s skunks alright. LOL.

    The title of the first dirty book series is ” Fifty Shades of Grey”. It’s very dirty. LOL

  4. I like it. The side to side cloud coverage makes it very interestingly beautiful. I would not have known this was a combination of 2 photos. Is it possible to detect those things and if so what does one look for? You seem to have mastered your new photoshop skill. I would like to see the cable removed in that photo Fay showed of boots standing in reflecting water.

  5. Thank you for the nice comment rebeKah. still trying to master the layering part of photoshop. I still don’t know how to remove some object that is undesirable. I tried to remove that white standing object right in the middle of the greenery which is a sprinkler but it does not look good. More practice needed.

  6. Tess,
    I really like how the sun is bursting through the heavily clouded sky with the soft glow at the horizon! You definitely are full of surprises!! I love how you have the nice open space on your property! Does “Your Tree” for the year long challenge happen to be in this shot or near by?

    • Thanks a lot Lorraine. The sunrise was taken from your beloved Kansas. LOL.
      My tree is behind the donkey that is in the right side. It is kind of small but it is a donkey alright.

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