October Challenge: Negative Space… Entry #7 Girls with Big Tree

I am so thrilled that Kristen P. has finished school and hopefully will have more time to spend with her photography and the crazies!

“I don’t mean to “pull a Tess” but I couldn’t decide. We took a trip to Austin over the summer to visit some friends and went to a beautiful place called Krause Springs.”

Girls with Big Tree (Photo by Kristen P.)

Girls with Big Tree
(Photo by Kristen P.)

Mady and Claudia on the Trail (Photo by Kristen P.)

Mady and Claudia on the Trail
(Photo by Kristen P.)


October Challenge: Entry #6… Big Tex

RebeKah has submitted this next photo for the challenge and I think we can always count on her to have a bit of a different viewpoint on things. And no, rebeKah, you may not submit this one again for our next challenge!

“Ya gotta agree that for prime time fair day this is definitely negative space because normally (when it’s not raining) it would be jam packed with corny dog eating fair goers! Actually, I wanted a better shot of Big Tex’s watery reflection on the pavement but despite the rain, fair goers die hard and there was still a crowd zig-zagging back and forth over Big Tex’s image with hardly a second of clearance. So, I had to settle for this one.”

Big Tex (Photo by rebeKah)

Big Tex
(Photo by rebeKah)

October Challenge: Negative Space… Entry #5 Sundays, Apples, Pumpkins and Spaces

This next entry is from crazy woman Donna. I instantly fell in love with the title and had to read more.

Sundays, Apples, Pumpkins and Spaces

“Needless to say this negative space picture was quite an endeavor at the pumpkin patch! Because I love fall and it is October, I wanted to theme my Negative Space picture that way.

My husband and I went to the pumpkin patch to shoot negative spaces! After shooting many pumpkins and spaces this is what “we” came up with! It is aptly titled based on the commercial where the husband goes apple picking with his wife on Sunday when he should be home watching football like all other men.”

Sundays, Apples, Pumpkins and Spaces (Photo by Donna)

Sundays, Apples, Pumpkins and Spaces
(Photo by Donna)

October Challenge: Negative Space… Entry #4 Nanny Scarecrow

Our next entry is from Debbie and this is certainly appropriate for the season!

“This is one of three scarecrows in our front yard. Our grandson, Lyndon came over today and said that is Grandpa scarecrow, Nanny scarecrow and Lyndon scarecrow. I hadn’t had an idea for this challenge until then and decided my submission would be Nanny Scarecrow.”

Thanks Lyndon for giving Nanny the great suggestion for the challenge!

Nanny Scarecrow (Photo by Debbie)

Nanny Scarecrow
(Photo by Debbie)

October Challenge: Negative Space… Entry #2 Where All the Children are Above Average

Our next entry is from Robin… the “other Robin”.

“I have vacillated long enough. I know the one I want to share, and while I may have better, this is it.”

I immediately knew who this was but perhaps some of you will not. It seems that Robin and I both enjoy the humor of Garrison Keillor and she even traveled out to west Texas to catch his show, Prairie Home Companion. I listen to the show on NPR radio on the weekend, he airs on both Saturday and repeats on Sunday. He will also be coming to Dallas in November to perform at the Music Hall at Fair Park. Here is a bit of his humor… and remember, this program is on radio and the sound effects are such fun! It’s like going back to a simpler time and place when radio was the entertainment of the day.

Where All the Children are Above Average (Photo of Garrison Keillor by Robin W.)

Where All the Children are Above Average
(Photo of Garrison Keillor by Robin W.)

October Challenge: Negative Space… Entry #1 Two for the Price of One!

Negative Space… what is it and why is it important?

This explanation is by Darren Rowse from Digital Photography School…
“Negative space is that space that is around the main subject in an image.
Often as photographers we spend a lot of time thinking about the subjects that we’re photographing – posing portrait subjects, positioning them in the shot, getting them exposed correctly etc. However the space around your main subject is just as important – in fact, it can make or break your image. Negative space can bring a sense of balance to your image, it can strengthen composition, it can help draw the eye to the subject and give it more power and it can add a lot of interest to your shot.”

Be sure to sign up for their weekly newsletter! Lots of good information!

In trying to explain this further, I suggested that you think of doing a photo that might have text on top of the photo, as in a title or a verse and make that area of the photo very plain in an effort to draw attention to your subject matter. Let your subject breathe.

Lorraine sent me a couple images and I will post both of them.

The first one is captioned: “Going Up”

“When presented with our challenge for using negative space, one of the first things I thought of was this new building going up at the
construction site at I-30 and Horizon in Rockwall. I had several ideas in mind but kept coming back to this one. I decided to shoot it with the late evening sun cast upon it. I tried both the landscape and portrait orientation and ended up liking the landscape better as it allowed the crane and building to be larger so that the details are more visible. I watched the flag to see how it was behaving in the wind and timed my shot to catch it extended out.”

Going Up (Photo by Lorraine)

Going Up
(Photo by Lorraine)

The second one is captioned: “Opera Star”

“I already had my shot of the crane for this challenge.
Later, while taking photos in Caddo Mills, happened to notice this black star on the side of the Caddo Mills Opera House. Negative space popped into my mind. (No jokes now please!)”

Opera Star (Photo by Lorraine)

Opera Star
(Photo by Lorraine)

Thank you Lorraine for your submissions and I think you did a great job in showing us how negative space can be used in both landscape and portrait orientations!

Congratulations Mike! Congratulations Lorraine!

For those of you who do not personally know Lorraine, I would like to introduce you to her new found talent along with her husband Mikes’s photographic talent.

Mike has been a photographer for years and even entertained the thought at one time of making it his profession. He sort of got away from it for a while and is now back to shooting on a regular basis as well as helping Lorraine learn photography and they are both excelling and having fun shooting together!

The city of Rowlett held a photo contest and I am so proud to announce that Mike won first place for his photo of the old cotton gin with the new Dart train coming to town. Mike has the ability to see and plan his shots. That’s what real and talented photographers do, and that is what we all need to strive for… the vision… the concept and then the photographic ability to pull it off. His photograph is not only excellent but should go down in history as well.

Mike… the “crazy women” congratulate you on your win and are so very proud of your accomplishments.
Lorraine… you do us proud how you have shot this photo of Mike receiving his award. Excellent documentary work on your part and congratulations to you on winning Photo of the Day on Capture Dallas.

To see Mike and Lorraine’s photo on Capture Dallas, please go to:

Amazing Transformation with Photoshop

Robin W. (the other Robin) sent me a couple photos recently that I thought I would share with you before our next challenge is due, and this certainly is appropriate for manipulating your photos. This was done in photoshop and the difference is quite dramatic.

Robin went to see Prairie Home Companions earlier this year and arrived in the afternoon to find the truck in the parking lot of the venue. She has a knack for shooting all kinds of things and came home with this photo of the truck. Pretty lackluster and I might have overlooked it entirely but she had a plan.

The Truck (Original Photo by Robin W.)

The Truck
(Original Photo by Robin W.)

So she sat down with photoshop and started working on her image and this was her completed image.
The Truck (Photoshopped Image by Robin W.)

The Truck
(Photoshopped Image by Robin W.)

She admits she did some extensive work on the photo and it ended up looking like a truck in a museum as opposed to a truck in a parking lot in the afternoon.

The moral of the story…
if you need anything photoshopped, just send it to Robin!

September Challenge: Entry #7 Filling Up My Hard Drive!

I’m always getting e-mails from Tess and many times there are photos attached. But now it is getting serious. She has almost topped off one of my external hard drives and now she is literally threatening me again!

“Lala, now you got me started. Yes this is my first entry for the next challenge. LMAO. Be careful what you asked for! You might fill up your new external drive again. LOL. That program is too much fun. I still don’t get the rest of it’s function though.”

Mavros (Photo by Tess)

(Photo by Tess)

And then before I know it… here come another couple shots.

“Lala, I got this app called Cool Camera which is free for those who are smart phone users.”

(And the model is none other than our own crazy woman… Kristen P.!)


I See You (Photo by Tess)

I See You
(Photo by Tess)

I See You (Photo by Tess)

I See You
(Photo by Tess)

But wait… there’s more:
“The one that I sent you yesterday, the one with the flower and lips that is red is also a free app called Color Effects. There are lots of free phone image fixing apps out there.”


Red Rose (Photo by Tess)

Red Rose
(Photo by Tess)

Red Rose (Photo by Tess)

Red Rose
(Photo by Tess)