November Challenge: Leaves… Entry #4 Wrapping Leaves

Thank you Debbie for sending your entry my way.  For those who do not know… Debbie has moved north… as in far north Texas and we will miss having her join us  on our outings but certainly wish you well!  So here is the photo and story she has sent our way.

“Gary, Sienna and I were spending time at a local park. After snapping many photos I happened upon this tree with a vine of leaves wrapped around it.  I was very intrigued about the leaves and tree, so I decided to submit this photo for my November challenge.”

Wrapping Leaves (Photo by Debbie)

Wrapping Leaves
(Photo by Debbie)

November Challenge: Leaves… Entry #2 Patterns

Linda has surprised me in several ways!

First of all… she has already sent me her alphabet collage for next month! She is on it!
Secondly… she has paired her creativity, her writing talent as well as her quilting and photography talents to present us with this image!  When Linda joined the club, one of her goals was to be able to combine all of her interests with photography and I can see that she is definitely achieving her goal in a very special way!

“My photo ‘Patterns’ combines real leaves with fabric leaves on quilt blocks. The newly-fallen ones came from my yard, then I pressed them for a couple of days. I  created the applique patterns years ago by using leaves I gathered on an autumn trip to New England. The pattern of the block on the right edge is called Flying  Geese. This is only one of my quilting UFOs. It was nice to use one of them for this photography challenge. Not only did I enjoy doing the set-up, I strolled  back in time, too.”


Tourism Report from the Dallas Morning News:
“We’re beginning to see color in the sweet gums,
the black gums, the sassafras and the sumac.”

From the report on the
foliage in East Texas,
these words replay,
repeating in my head,
sweet gums, black gums, sassafras and sumac,
a jump-rope rhythm that
makes me want to dance
to red-hot peppers beating
in playground dust.
I want to climb up there
with the reds and golds,
sway with the last reluctant green,
fall to earth with a rustling rust,
go up in flame with a crimson flare,
send up sparks of orange glow,
grey to a smoky bonfire smell,
spread like ashes on the wind,
and be a part of all I ever was again.

~ Linda Banks

Patterns (Photo by Linda)

(Photo by Linda)

November Challenge: Leaves… Entry #1 Last to Leave

It’s that time of year again when our attention turns to the leaves that are turning color and falling from the trees as we go from autumn into winter.

I will begin by featuring a photo by Lorraine but before I do, I would like to congratulate both Lorraine and Mike for the awards they received in the annual Rowlett Photography Contest.

“The Rowlett Arts and Humanities Commission presented 4 awards at the October 21 Rowlett City Council meeting as part of the commissions’ annual Photography contest.  The 2014 contest theme of “Rowlett – Up Close” garnered 27 entries among Lake Hubbard area residents and after being on display during September in the Rowlett Library, the contest judge made awards in People, Places, Things and Best of Show categories.  The following entrants received certificates and cash awards for their images of Rowlett life.

People Category: Sue Ann Bruce
Places Category: Michael Ficarra
Things Category: Lorraine Ficarra
Best of Show: Greg Wilkins

The photographs have the added honor of being part of the first Rowlett public art exhibit at the Downtown Rowlett DART Rail station beginning in November.”

I have not yet been over to the rail station yet to see the art exhibit but plan on going this week!

Here is what Lorraine had to say about her winning photo… “Last to Leave”.
“Last January, I was out walking along Pecan Grove Trail in Rowlett looking for something interesting to shoot. A few weeks prior, a bad ice storm had resulted in a lot of damage to many trees across the metroplex. I was curious to see how the trees in this park had fared. I wasn’t finding much I was too excited about shooting during this walk. I could hear birds and wildlife off in the wooded area but they stayed far away from this scary human wandering around their home!

I enjoyed the walk but was feeling rather disappointed about not finding anything I could capture. The sun was starting to lower in the sky and I was feeling pretty cold so walked briskly toward my vehicle. I was almost at the end of the trail when all of a sudden this cluster of leaves caught my eye. The sun was coming from behind and they were being beautifully backlit by the sun! I got so excited and just had to shoot this beauty!!! I was quite impressed that, with all the leaves gone off the trees, I would find this lone cluster in such good condition! I had struck gold!! It is one of my favorite photos and I will never forget the wonderful experience of shooting it!!!”

Last to Leave (Photo by Lorraine)

Last to Leave
(Photo by Lorraine)

And this was Mike’s winning entry in the Rowlett contest… “The Old Church in Winter”.

The Old Church in Winter (Photo by Mike )

The Old Church in Winter
(Photo by Mike )

Congratulations to both Lorraine and Mike! And what perfect photos to feature as we transition from autumn into winter!

2014 Halloween Run at Lake Lavon

A big thank you to Marylin for the opportunity to shoot the 2014 Run at Lake Lavon. We were there as volunteers for the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Marylin, Liz and I arrived to shoot the run not knowing quite what to expect. It was a fun challenge as we had to think like a photojournalist to capture the activity of the day. We all seemed to capture something different and I must say, the runners were very gracious and welcoming. Hope you enjoy a few of our photos.

Marylin was there early and was able to catch a group of the runners together…2014HalloweenRun[1]

These were shot by Liz…
Ribbet collage

And some by me…
Ribbet collage 1200

And for our efforts we each received a medal! Hahaha! They must have obviously had extras! But hey… we were honored that they did that and thank you for getting our photo!IMG_6050 Fay, Liz and Marylin rs text

Sure hope more of you will be able to join us on our next mission as volunteers for the USACE! Thanks Marylin! It was fun!