Food Challenge: Entry #9 “The Bomb”

As we are winding down the food challenge, I am leaving the funniest ones until last so let me post mine now.

When strawberries were so plentiful, I decided to make some strawberry-jalapeno jam.  It sure did kick-start my mornings spread on buttered toast.  And then I read that in the UK they have a National Doughnut Day and the proceeds are donated to a good cause.  I think that is a great idea and I really think we should do the same in the country.  We certainly eat our fair share of doughnuts.  Thinking about doughnuts got the gears going and I decided to try a new dessert using a glazed doughnut!

This is really quite simple and could have many variations.  So here is the recipe:  Slice a glazed doughnut in half horizontally and fill it with vanilla ice cream. Drizzle with strawberry-jalapeno jam, garnish with strawberries and whipped cream.  Easy!  And I call this dessert… “The Bomb”

(Support your local cardiologist!)

“The Bomb”
(Photo by Lala)


Food Challenge: Entry #8 Party Limes

So today we have a submission by Vickie… and I can confirm that this gal likes a good party!
“This was taken outside in natural light.  Love limes and always have some around the house.  This martini glass always makes me smile and feel like a party!!  I love pictures that make me happy because of the colors!”

Party Limes
(Photo by Vickie)


Food Challenge: Entry #7 Marzipan

I know this entry will bring a smile to your face and it is sent to us by one of our newest members, Lily.  If you have not yet visited Lily’s website under favorite links, please do so.  It is there that you will learn that… “Lily Mirsky is a native of Riga, Latvia. She immigrated to the USA in 1980 to pursue her dream of living in a free country. Many years went by and Lily underwent a long and exciting professional career as a case manager with Family Services helping new immigrants resettle in the USA.”

“This is my virtual sweet treat for all ‘crazy women’.  It’s a tray from the bakery store’s window with the marzipan candies.  I shot it in a small and very old city of Avila in Spain, where Alex and I had a wonderful trip this year in May.”
Thank you Lily for joining this challenge!

Marzipan Candies
(Photo by Lily)

Food Challenge: Entry #6 Dark Chocolate Mousse

So today, Gina treats us to dessert, and quite frankly… I’m not sharing!  It’s all mine!  And this is what she says…

“This is a Black Tie Dark Chocolate Mousse from the Olive Garden.  It was irresistible!   It was deliciously made and not very heavy … Calories… I do not have any idea .
Try it yourself.   You will say yummy !!!”

Black Tie Dark Chocolate Mousse
(Photo by Gina)

Food Challenge: Entry #6 Watermelon

Debbie sent me this message with her food entry:

“We had tried to have a successful garden this year but the grasshoppers had other ideas.  We had cleaned out all of our garden area except for one area.  Our watermelon vines were still growing but hadn’t produced anything this season.  We thought we were going to just have green watermelon vines until a couple of days ago when Gary noticed this watermelon growing.  I couldn’t believe it in the middle of September!   Can’t wait ’til it’s ripe and see how it tastes.”

(Photo by Debbie)

Food Challenge: Entry #5 Popcorn Photo Op

This entry directly speaks to CRAZY!  Seriously now… have you ever done this?  NEVER!  But I bet you will now!  Eating popcorn will never be the same.

So this is what Dana had to say…

“Food….hum I asked myself tonight, with my hubby and daughter gone I am
being bad and having popcorn for dinner. I took my iPhone out and snapped a few  images of the bowl and then box…no luck.

I started eating and decided that if  I held a piece maybe it would be more interesting. I took the first shot and  popped it in my mouth…BIG mistake! I reviewed the pic and it looked like an angel!!! I could have sold it on ebay for LOTS of money! The next 4 or 5 pieces came to life as I stood under the can light in my kitchen and played with them moving around until I saw something. I had so much fun and could not keep from  popping each piece in my mouth. Hopefully you see them too :)”

Popcorn Photo Op
(Photo by Dana)

Food Challenge: Entry #4… Simplicity

Tess had a couple photos in mind for the challenge as she has been enjoying food photography for the past several months.  We would often e-mail dinner back and forth!

So as she “reflected” on her choice for the challenge,  she decided on something a bit different… and it is called “Simplicity”!

“Food Photography is what started me with the love of photography.  I love food and that started the love of photography, and it is just natural to blend the two together. The desire to produce more photos that looks delicious made me explore for more images that truly expressed the beauty of the food.   I took several pictures just for this food challenge and even cooked some, but I was not satisfied with the result.  I found out that to do it as naturally,  organically,  and as  simple as possible is the best way and so this image was created.
I used my Canon D60 and Canon macro lens EF100mm with settings of ISO 200, 1/40 sec.,  F/8.   I added lots of lights, dark background and a large mirror. ”

(Photo by Tess)