From the Men’s Auxillary!

Imagine my surprise when I got an entry from John, Lynda’s husband, from across the pond!  It seems that Donna’s entry stimulated him to send these photos my way.

As some of you may know, John has been following the antics of the “crazy women” for some time now and has been most supportive.  He is also an active member in the CWPC Men’s Auxillary!   John is a retired teacher and quite the talented fella as he has done metal detecting for many years and writes fascinating articles in the Searcher Magazine about metal detecting.  And… he has a great sense of humor and enjoys photography!  So, let me share his message with you…

John Winter

John Winter

“I have neglected you and the Crazy Women this past year and I’d like to apologise as well as make amends.  As you well know I am old and decrepit, just like that other miserable git in your life, but I do get out occasionally when my carer is available and the nursing home approves.

Although I can’t metal detect any more, I am still capable of leaning up against something solid, holding a camera and taking pictures of the landscape around me.  What you see here is a couple of examples. Actually, they are shots that I bank just in case I can use them in a story later.

I like to have a focal point in my pictures and the first one is a good example.   A green bucket is placed in every field for detectorists (and crazy women in
pink tops) to dispose of any crap they might find.  

My second picture was taken at a large metal detecting rally … in fact, the largest in the UK with over a 1000 searchers. Some of them are visible in the
picture … many of them were caught in the storm that soon followed!   Fields are clearly marked. 

The third picture is one of my favourites … plenty of straw bales to lean on and a great Summer’s day…  one of the four we enjoyed this year!  

I attended a shoot of of the Hoard Hunters TV programme that was aired in 2012 and was able to take many pictures. I used to teach the guy driving ‘Mr Norris’,  the tractor.  He was being filmed cutting the grass ready for detecting.” 

(I took the liberty and put John’s photos in a collage.)

To follow John’s writing, check out his metal detecting blog:

Photos by John W.

Photos by John W.