Welcome to the CWPC…

 Crazy Women’s Photography Club!

There are three requirements for joining this club:

You must be female.

        You must own a camera.

           You must be a little crazy.

At present, we are made up of mostly healthcare workers. Working in healthcare is extremely stressful and the members are each at a different stage in their lives… trying to balance family and work.   This club was formed in response to a request for guidance in purchasing a camera, to help learn the capabilities of the camera and to improve on photography in general.

Because it is difficult to have formal meetings due to the varied work schedules, it was decided instead, to take frequent outings and incorporate our learning in the process and support each other while having a lot of fun creating memories.    

The problem became… how do we disseminate the information to all members in an organized fashion, share and critique photos, and tell stories about the fun we are having together?  And that is how this blog came to be.

We hope you enjoy following along with our activities and that you will give encouragement by adding your comments.  We will be anxious to see how our photography improves over a year’s time span and have plans at the end of that year to put a book together to document this journey. 


12 thoughts on “About

  1. I went on my first outing with the CWPC today and had so much fun and learned a lot! I can’t stop looking at my pics! Thanks Fay for this new adventure!

    • Donna… it’s so great to have you as a member of the club! You must have been having fun because why else would you stand outside for hours shooting butterflies, dragonflies and flowers in this incredible Texas heat? You go girl!

  2. Looking forward to getting some packages in the mail this week!! (hoodman, hood for my lens, remote and my CWCP mug!) guess I’m hooked! Thanks Lala

  3. Fay, looks like fun…However, not enough to make me want to meet the first criteria…Happy to hear from you again, I have not sent many photos via email mostly through facebook acct. and belong to numerous bird groups on this site as well as nature sites…Have fun Bill potter

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  5. Hi My name is Lori I have been an
    RN in Texas for 34 years will be retiring in three. I have a passion for photography but I don’t know a lot about it. I have been working mostly by intuition. I am also a spoke word poet. Would love to learn more about you ladies. Have a Kodak easyshare camera………….and I am most definitly crazy!

    • Woohoo Lori! Female, own a camera and crazy… you are in if you choose to be! And a poet besides! Linda will be thrilled to hear that! And a nurse too! You go girl!

      I will be getting in touch with you to talk more!

  6. I’m ready to join your fun and inspiring group of ladies! I met Fay at the Harbor in Rockwall before Christmas and before I had my new camera. How do I join and when is your next adventure?

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