Happy New Year 2015

I interrupt this challenge to wish all of you “crazies” a Happy New Year!
I can’t wait to see your best photos in our next challenge for January… and thank you Sassy for that suggestion!

Linda B. sends along her New Year’s wishes as well…

Linda was the first one to get her alphabetography collage to me and I think she still has alphabet-on-the-brain! Thank you so much Linda! Once again… I love your creativity!


December Challenge: Alphabetography… Entry #3 Alphabet Collage

Our next submission is from Robin W… you know… the “other” Robin.

Robin also found this to be a challenge…
“When this challenge first came, I had already started gathering
letters to spell my name, so I sort of knew it was going to be
tricky. Interesting, as it turned out, I didn’t use any of those I
already had.

I thought the straight line ones, N, M, Z, etc., would be easiest, a
simple matter of shooting some iron structures. That didn’t work
out. Those were some of the most difficult to find. I only got
usable N, T, Z and H images a couple weeks ago, and I’m still not too
crazy about some of them.  J was difficult to find. And, don’t even ask about G.”

Alphabet Collage by Robin W.

Alphabet Collage by Robin W.

December Challenge: Alphabetography… Entry #2 Can You Guess the Answers?

Liz sent me this e-mail…

“Here it is, my alphabet photo collage. Now, if I could just stop singing the ABC’s!”

So I sat there and searched for the letters but was having difficulty seeing them and then suddenly it occurred to me that Liz had a different take on the challenge. Rather than photographing the letter, she photographed something that began with the letters of the alphabet. But even then I was having some difficulty with several of them. So here is her collage and I will let you see if you can figure out all 26 as they correspond to the letters.

Alphabet Collage (Photos and Collage by Liz)

Alphabet Collage
(Photos and Collage by Liz)

On request, she did send a list of all the letters/photos to help me out on the ones I did not know.

A – angel

B – butterfly

C – cactus

D – dog

E – enamelware


G – glacier

H – hen

I – Indian (This a close shot of a stunning sculpture in Raleigh, NC. Awesome story on her.)

J – juniper

K – kale (Arboretum)

L – landscape (Breckinridge Park)

M – magnolia

N – nautilus (at Perot Museum)

O – ostrich – State Fair

P – pig – State Fair

Q – quarter (HA!)

R – roseate spoonbill

S – snow

T – turkey

U – upward

V – Vitruvian (the park in Addison)

W – waterfall (Prairie Creek, Richardson)

X – Xanethe (I know of a girl with this name)

Y – yellow wildflower

Z – zoom (the 2 ladies on the WRL pier)

December Challenge: Alphabetography… Entry #1 Crazy Women 2014

Each year I give the “crazies” an annual project to work on.  The first annual challenge in 2013 was to shoot the same thing repeatedly throughout the year to see how much it can change with weather, time of day, seasons, etc. and then put it in a collage.

For 2014, the challenge was to find abstract letters in everyday things … and no fair shooting letters from signs although that in itself might make for an interesting challenge.  The next challenge was to put those letters in a collage of the alphabet.  True alphabetography is using these types of letters to spell out a name or a saying but that was not specifically the challenge yet Linda managed to do just that with part of her alphabet!

Honestly, I think Linda deserves some kind of an award as she got her collage to me long before the due date, but somehow I thought she might get into this.  We were sitting at lunch one day months ago and she started seeing letters everywhere she looked.  I was amazed.  Perhaps her creativity is showing!

This is what she shared…

” Here is my alphabet. I am sending it on now because it’s done. Hope it can be seen when it’s posted as it seems like a lot of photos in one little space.”

So… I was looking at it thinking…wait a minute…why are these letters all jumbled up? And then I said… why do I see numbers? Then I counted the squares and there were too many! Suddenly I looked and saw “Crazy Women” and knew at that point that I was onto something… or rather, YOU, Linda, were onto something, and then it was all making sense!   Very clever… very creative… and you have a good eye for seeking out the letters!

Alphabet 2014 (Photos and Collage by Linda)

Alphabet 2014
(Photos and Collage by Linda)

Linda’s response to my comment:
“I figured it would throw everyone for a loop momentarily, which is why I added the actual letters as sort of a hint that something was going on. Have to give Sheila the credit for suggesting I start with Crazy Women–which worked out fine since no letter is repeated–then I put the rest in order, but needed to fill four more spaces. Remember that I told you I MADE myself use photos I took on our trip to Florida in January (and some of them were a real stretch). Well, when I ‘had’ to add the numbers, I imposed the same restriction on myself, finding 2014 in those photos I had looked at over and over. What fun!”

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The end of another year. What can I say? It has been a joy sharing photography with you all. I am looking forward to another year shooting together. Hope we can do more outings and we will also be embarking on monthly meetings for those who are interested. Lots of new material and challenges ahead!

This photo of the marionettes was taken at the DeGolyer house at the Dallas Arboretum quite a few years ago. I added the music in the background and thought it would make a fun greeting!IMG_4256_1 marionettes with text and edit best rs 1000

(Photo by Fay-la-la)

Have a wonderful holiday season and remember to keep shooting and keep laughing!
Life is good when you have a camera in your hands!

Happy Birthday Robin!

We interrupt this challenge to wish Robin a very Happy Birthday!
We look forward to seeing more of your photos in the near future as you have had some outstanding photos in the past!  Have a great day Robin!

November Challenge: Leaves… Entry # 7 Autumn

Tess sends us this next image and she was on her best behavior!

“I will behave this time by sending only one picture for the Leaves  Challenge even though my fingers are itching so bad to send more….. Hahahahaha!
This was taken last March at the Fort Worth Botanical Garden during the butterfly exhibit when we visited there for the second time. I just added a simple quote in it.”

Autumn (Photo by Tess)

(Photo by Tess)

November Challenge: Leaves… Entry #6 Before and After

We know that rebeKha has a great eye for capturing the unusual and she has done it again!

“I spotted some imprinted leaves while walking across the library parking lot here in Lewisville and decided to get a few quick shots of them with some of the leaves which had recently fallen. Makes me think the concrete was poured during the fall. Just a few days afterward, Fay notified us that our next challenge would be about leaves! I think it would be great having a driveway with all kinds of leaves impressions thoroughly scattered throughout.”

Before and After (Photo by rebeKah)

Before and After
(Photo by rebeKah)