November Challenge: Leaves… Entry #8 Crispy Fried

Leaves (Photos by Liz)

(Photos by Liz)

Liz sends our last entry to the “Leaves” challenge…
“What I found by looking for leaves at this time of year is evidence of a long hot and dry summer. Crispy-fried!”

Since she has sent three photos, I took the liberty to put them in a collage using Ribbet for the presentation.


6 thoughts on “November Challenge: Leaves… Entry #8 Crispy Fried

  1. So, now I want to fry chicken 🙂 With basil leaves, mint leaves. All the while either looking at, or thinking about, your wonderful images of leaves of probably inedible kind.

  2. These are beautiful and the left upper one is my favorite. Thank you Liz for sharing and thank you Lala for making the beautiful collage. This can be turned into a Thanks Giving card or something😀.
    I want crispy fried chicken too Robin😂

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