April Challenge: Earth Day… Entry #3 Bee on Wildflower

This entry is from Liz…
“I’m attaching my recent POD, the bee on the yellow wildflower. Why the little humble but hard-working bee? Pollination is essential for plant reproduction. Many of our staple foods would not be available without the humble honey bee. And, we wouldn’t have the wildflowers to take photos of! When I see a honey bee working it’s little wings off to flit from flower to flower, digging deep into the pollen, I’m a happy camper!”

Bee on Wildflower (Photo by Liz)

Bee on Wildflower
(Photo by Liz)


6 thoughts on “April Challenge: Earth Day… Entry #3 Bee on Wildflower

  1. What a perfect image to celebrate Earth Day! And what you say is very true! We take the “bzzy” little bees for granted without appreciating the work they do. And what a great catch… two little critters for the price of one! Excellent! Very sharp and great exposure and composition! A wonderful macro shot!

  2. All things great and small, your great, bright image and helpful, small insects. I heard on the radio where Canada, U.S.A. and Mexico are joining to form what they called a “butterfly corridor” which will run along I35 where land will be designated for plants like milkweed and frostweed that attract butterflies and bees so their population will increase.

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