Abstract Challenge: Entry #4 Dare

This next entry is by Tess.

I’m not sure what she is up to but this is what she says…

“I call this challenge DARE, because of a few reasons. First it was a challenge to take this picture, laying in the ground and pointing the camera up. Another reason this is called Dare is because I’m challenging everyone to name this picture, where was the location, what state and what city was this taken?

I am giving $50.00 to the first one who can give the right answers to all of the four categories asked. The deadline of the submission of the answers is when all of the October challenges are published by Lalagagalu. I could have offered a million but this poor servant can only afford $50.00, so have mercy on me.

This is just an ordinary picture, distorted in photoshop, just to make you all the more confuse.  This poor servant is trying to hold onto her hard earned $50.  Money is tight.”

Abstract Image by Tess


Abstract Challenge: Entry #3 This Old Fence

Lorraine submitted this image and this is the story she would like to share…

“I took a trip to Wichita,KS to visit family.  My mother-in-law, whom is
in her 90’s, is doing well but is going to be making a move out of state
to live with her daughter.  I was going through the house inside and out
taking pictures so I could make a book she can keep with her of the
house she has lived in for about 40 years.

I then came across this fence leading up to the back porch and the
textures and scalloped top caught my eye.  I walked by this fence for
the the first time 35 years ago as I was nervously about to meet my new
boyfriend’s mom and dad.  I could not help but think about all the
memories this fence has seen over the years. I will miss this old fence
but know that it will soon receive a new coat of paint as a new family
will move in and create new memories for themselves and their back door

This Old Fence
Abstract Image by Lorraine

Abstract Challenge: Entry #2 Out of the Blue

This image is by Donna and this is what she had to say about the abstract challenge…
“Abstract made me go hummmmmmmmm….
I really enjoy our monthly challenges, they allow us to explore areas of photography I probably would not even consider shooting. Not sure I love shooting abstract pictures but I like how this turned out and this is what I came up with…. Out of the Blue'”

Out of the Blue
Abstract Image by Donna

Abstract Challenge: Entry #1 Cosmos in My Room

This month’s challenge was to shoot an abstract image.  This was an exercise in seeing differently and we will surely revisit this subject again in the future.

An abstract image deals with pattern, color and textures and may involve shooting at a different angle to give a different view.   And it is definitely a challenge as many of you have found out.  You must look beyond the obvious even though you may be shooting a very common everyday object.  I personally like an abstract image that grabs my attention and makes me say… “I like it, but what is it?”

This week a group of the crazy women visited the arboretum and as you know, it is a favorite place for us to shoot as there is such variety in a lovely setting.  We arrived early to get a parking place as the 50,000 pumpkins as well as the Chihuly exhibit is a big draw.  It was cloudy and cool in the morning and the light saturated the colors.  We started our day talking about abstract images and trying to find examples.  I looked down at the stone path with broken pieces of stone and  pebbles, bent over and shot it.  A simple abstract image.  And all of a sudden Debbie had a “light bulb moment”.   She suddenly got the concept, and the next thing we knew she was wandering off in search of more abstract images.  As a matter of fact, we almost lost her on one occasion.  As she was shooting abstracts, her excitement was infectious… in a good way.  She has now earned her new nickname… “Abstract”!

Our first image for this challenge is by our virtual friend/member, Lily, and it is a beauty!  I would not expect less from her as she has a very artistic eye.

“This is a macro shot of oil in water. The glass bowl stands on a colorful background creating an abstract picture.   You need to focus your camera on some of the bubbles and play with the lights around the bowl.”

Should you have any questions about how to do this, I am sure that Lily would be more than happy to help us learn.

“Cosmos in My Room”
Abstract Image by Lily

R.I.P. Big Tex

The workers get a quick photo before erecting Big Tex
(Photo by Fay)

I will take this opportunity to remember a favorite icon of the State Fair of Texas.  If you have ever been to the fair, you were welcomed by a tall Texan standing proud who would call out “HOWDY!”.  And more than likely you would have your photo taken with him.  And it was a meeting place… “Meet you at Big Tex”.

Well, the unthinkable has happened.  On Friday, October 19, 2012, Big Tex “died” at the age of 60.  It was thought to be from an electrical fire that started in his boot.  As crazy as it may sound, I feel like I have lost a friend.  You could count on him being there to greet you and he loved all people!  He would bring a smile to your face.  I was at the fair the day before he “died” but did not realize at the time that it would be my last photo of this cowboy.

Both last year and this year I was fortunate to witness “the erection of Big Tex”.   It was amazing to watch him being put together and then placed in the standing position.  And it was fun watching them put his big boots on!

So… in remembrance of Big Tex, I would like to share several favorite photos to remember him by.

The Big Bite
“Hey Tex… stop that!”
(Photo by Fay)

The cables hoist Big Tex to standing position.
(Photo by Fay)

Once again in 2012 he was standing tall as he was lowered into position.
(Photo by Fay)

The workers were putting on his boots and tucking in his jeans.
(Photo by Fay)

As I was standing on the ground shooting the helicopter, I did not realize that someone in the helicopter was shooting down at Big Tex and me. It was not until later in the day when perusing the internet that I found the photo of Big Tex and me shot from the air. What a surprise!  (This was taken in 2011)
(Photo by Fay)

Big Tex and Fay… taken by the Channel 11 News Helicopter
October 2011

Big Tex… October 18, 2012, the last full day of his “life” before he burned.
We never know when a photo may become more meaningful. Photography is a powerful medium and can hold so many emotions and memories.
(Photo by Fay)

An Uplifting Evening…

So the crazy women… Tess, Donna and myself had a great time at the balloon festival.  There were thousands of people, but we found a good place to watch the balloons and shoot.  At the beginning of the evening there were three parachutists who jumped out of a plane and landed on the field where the balloons were setting up.  What a beautiful site to see them floating across the sky and once they landed they acknowledged the applause and took the time to have their photos taken with some of the children as well as a “crazy woman”!

Flying the Flag
(Photo by Fay)

After the Jump
(Photo by Fay)

Such excitement!
(Photo by Fay)

Balloon Glow
(Photo by Fay)

All balloons glowing…
(Photo by Fay)

Three Crazy Women: Donna, Tess, and Fay
(Self portrait by Fay, taken in the chrome of a large grilling truck)

Two Virgins at Stonehenge

Aha!  Thought that title would get your attention!  Oh… you crazy women!

So it seems that our friend from the UK (Lynda’s husband, John) has been watching from across the pond.  Unlike PhilS he does not need to lurk behind a tree.

John has also sent me a balloon photo as well as an article he wrote detailing his adventure to finding this “virgin”.  You must read it.  It is quite funny.  John has a wonderful sense of humor that brings a smile and a chuckle!


Thanks John for your submission from across the pond!  The “crazy women” appreciate it!

(Photo by John Winter)