September Challenge: Manipulating Your Photos, Entry #5… R U a Crazy Woman?

It seems that rebeKah has quite an affection for squirrels and has won several awards on Capture Dallas for her squirrel photos so it was no surprise when she sent me… more squirrels!

She sent me an e-mail and photos saying: “I’m very thankful for the informational benefit of being a member of CWPC.   I enjoyed using the Fotor editing site.   I wanted to isolate the color of the  squirrel from the background but could not figure out how to isolate/change  color.”

My return e-mail:  “You are as squirrely as they come… and that’s a compliment!!!”

This was her original photo:

R U a Crazy Woman? (Photo by rebeKah)

R U a Crazy Woman?
(Photo by rebeKah)

So… with some further instructions she managed to do “a Tess” and sent me several variations on a theme and I thought they were fun and would like to share them with you. And to better present them, I have taken the liberty of also using Fotor to put them in a collage format…
R U a Crazy Woman? (Photos by rebeKah) And the answer is "Yes!"

R U a Crazy Woman?
(Photos by rebeKah)
And the answer is “Yes!”

For those of you wanting to do some selective coloring, here are the instructions.  Unfortunately, with this program, you cannot choose different colors than are in your photo but it is still fun!

Instructions for Color Splash on Fotor (selective coloring)

Get your photo into the fotor program.  Use a full color photograph.
Hover your mouse over the symbols on the left of the screen and click on the
second one down (effects).
Click on Color Splash under the effects menu.
Click on brush.
Put your mouse over the area on the photo where you want to preserve color
and click left side of your mouse.
Adjust the size of your brush by using the slider while holding down the left
side of your mouse to make it bigger or smaller.
Start “painting” your image while holding down the left side of your mouse (it
will look like you are painting it orange).
When you let go of the mouse, the color should show through.
Change the size of the brush as need be to get into smaller areas
where you want to preserve the color.

If you go out of the lines, then click on erase and do the same thing to clean
up the edges.

Once you are satisfied, click apply and then save your image.


September Challenge: Manipulating Your Photos, Entry #4 My Loves

This next entry is from Debbie…

“This was definitely a challenge for me. I put pictures of our five grandsons, Lucas, Joshua, Aaron, Nicolas and Lyndon, our baby girl dachshund, Sienna. The butterfly was the photo I was taking when I fell at the butterfly garden. The rose I actually grew in my flower garden. I wanted to put a picture of my husband, Gary but I couldn’t find one that would work well but he is always there to help me try new things like my photography.”

So… this was the original collage Debbie made using Fotor:

My Loves (Photo by Debbie)

My Loves
(Photo by Debbie)

And then, using the same program, she added a frame:

My Loves (Photo by Debbie)

My Loves
(Photo by Debbie)

September Challenge: Manipulating Your Photos, Entry #3 Old Farm

Our next entry is from one of our newest members… Sassy.
Please welcome her to the club!
Sassy is from the great northwest and has amazing vistas available to shoot and I look forward to seeing more of her work.
Today she gives us the Old Farm.
This was the original image in color.

Old Farm (Photo by Sassy)

Old Farm
(Photo by Sassy)

And this is another image of the farm done in a sepia tone.
Old Farm (Photo by Sassy)

Old Farm
(Photo by Sassy)

So… do you have a preference?

September Challenge: Maniplating Your Photos, Entry #2 Here Kitty Kitty!

Merrie submits the next entry…
“Of course I had to wait til the last minute. I work better under pressure. I guess that comes from being an ICU nurse.

I chose a picture that I took when I was trying to do the self-portrait challenge and wanted to get the cats in the picture which did not work out well at all. I lured him in with catnip but couldn’t get him to look at the camera.

So any way, I played around with it on Fotor just for fun. I changed it to black and white and framed it. So for what it’s worth, here it is.”
Here is Merrie’s original image.

Here Kitty Kitty! (Photo by Merrie)

Here Kitty Kitty!
(Photo by Merrie)

And here is her new image after being manipulated on Fotor…
Here Kitty Kitty! (Photo by Merrie)

Here Kitty Kitty!
(Photo by Merrie)

September Challenge: Manipulating Your Photos… Entry #1 The American White Pelican

I received this first entry almost immediately after sending out the challenge for September. It is from Robin W. and she sent me this e-mail along with her photo.

“Me again, early again. I’m going to be away part of September so I wanted to get this finished. This isn’t my best skill, in fact I’m not really fond of collages, but I have given it my best college cheer leader (collage cheer leader ??? 🙂 try).Me again, early again.  I’m going to be away part of September so I wanted to get this finished.  This isn’t my best skill, in fact I’m not really fond of collages, but I have given it my best college cheer leader  (collage cheer leader ??? 🙂 try.

A  rookery of American White Pelicans has, in the past several years, selected White Rock Lake as their winter home, and I’ve had some fun shooting them.  It wasn’t long after getting this challenge when I knew I wanted them to be the subject.

I’m a child of chaos, the rookery is often chaotic, and I tried to make this collage as chaotic as possible while maintaining a theme of order.

At first I thought I’d just use PS to arrange the collage (use what you know, ya know), but decided to give Fay’s web site a try.  It was frustrating, and I learned some bitter lessons, including “Save” doesn’t mean an intermediate save and continue, but is more like the fixer in the dark room, you can’t change it after you save.  I started from scratch a few times. 
But, in the end, it was more productive, and probably esthetically pleasant, than using PS would have been.  Eventually I had something I was okay to share.

The American White Pelican (Photo by Robin W.)

The American White Pelican
(Photo by Robin W.)

September Challenge: Manipulating Your Photos by Fay/Lala

Now I understand that most of you do not have photoshop but perhaps might have fun playing with your photos. To my mind, photoshop takes an investment of time to learn to use and of course there is a cost involved. I have a very basic edition of photoshop and use it for some editing particularly for adding text, changing perspective, cloning and healing areas of a photo or making a collage, but I have not gotten into the more complicated things. It is also fun to play around with some of the special effects.

One day when I had way too much time on my hands, I stumbled on the Fotor site and found it fun and relatively easy to use… and FREE! The more I explored, the more things I discovered that it could do. At first I thought it was only for collages but it does so much more (scroll to the very bottom of the Fotor site for choices). And that led me in search of photos to be manipulated.
This does come with a precaution:
It can eat up a bunch of your time as you become engrossed in the possibilities! Continue reading

Once in a Blue Moon

Tess did not get out to shoot the “super moon” but did get out to shoot a “blue moon”. Nooooo… that does not mean that the moon is blue but rather refers to when a calendar month contains two full Moons, the second one is called a “Blue Moon”.

But the biggest surprise came when she put it on the computer to find that she had captured a plane crossing paths with the moon! Now I know she likes to play around with photoshop but she swears this is the real deal… as in “once in a blue moon”!

Thanks Tess for sending this my way to share with all the other crazies who like to howl at the moon!

(Be sure to click on the photo to increase the size for better viewing! It will then be in “plane” sight!)

Once in a Blue Moon (Photo by Tess)

Once in a Blue Moon
(Photo by Tess)

Happy Birthday Robin!

So today we wish Robin (the other Robin, as she sometimes refers to herself) a very Happy Birthday! Had I been thinking ahead, I should have lit a candle on a cupcake and put some little people on top of the cupcake but I am not nearly so organized.

This photo was taken on a Capture Dallas Meetup and I believe it was the first time I had met Robin. I decided to play with the photo on the Fotor site where we will be manipulating our photos for the next challenge. It was not difficult to do and fun to play with once you get the hang of it. I went into the “special effects” and chose “color splashes”, then added a speech bubble and text and finally chose a frame.

Happy Birthday Robin! Hope it is a great day!

Happy Birthday Robin (Photo by Fay/Lala)

Happy Birthday Robin
(Photo by Fay/Lala)

August Challenge: Land of the Lilliputians… Entry #9 A Question of Peaches

Robin has pulled “a Tess” and submitted a second “little people” shot that I simply had to share! This was her e-mail to me:

“You got me started. I tried another tonight. It did not work out as well as I hoped, these things are very very hard!!! But, its not terrible, so I’m showing and telling.

I took a sky shot months ago and saved it for stock. I used that, put it in PS. It was horizontal. I put it on the top half of an 8.5×11 image and painted in light green on the bottom half, feathering up into the sky. I printed it on card stock, gently bent it at the horizon – not folded, bent and propped it up with a bottle of Windex I use for cleaning the glass of picture frames.

The slice of peach I had to pin down with a tooth pick, both to keep it in place and to keep the rest of the half from caving in on the people.
The guy inspecting it, I stuck his little feet into the skin of the peach. I bought something called Tackey at Hobby Lobby today and used that to stick the other little people’s feet and butts down, but unfortunately if you know what you’re looking for you can see it. These things are so TINY!!! So difficult.

The colors were good on the card stock, but just HORRIBLE in the photos. I PS’d the dickens out of them to get anything that resembled sky, to the detriment of the rest of the image I think. Maybe if I’d printed the backdrop on photo paper, but then it would have been glossy and that wouldn’t have worked either.

I dunno, this could become a special segment of photography if one were to allow it to do so, as some have.
Not me, but it’s fun to play with a few times. I’m a proud dilettante.

I did, of course, eat the peach!” 🙂

And the title… “”A Question of Peaches”
In a vague drug induced way it reminds me of the worn out back side of my Moody Blues “A Question of Balance” album cover.

I wrote back…
“You never cease to amaze me!!! What a lot of work and to have the forethought to get the background as you did! I actually thought the colors were superb as it looks a bit old-timey, if you know what I mean. The sky and the background look so retro in some way. The guys on the pit were nothing short of genius and the shadows make it even better! The more I looked, the more I saw and your creativity came screaming through!!
Seriously… this is the coolest shot!
You definitely need to do more of this kind of thing.”

And yes… you may find some more of Robin’s “little people” if you visit her new website at:
Be sure to click on this photo to see a larger image!

A Question of Peaches (Photo by Robin W.)

A Question of Peaches
(Photo by Robin W.)

August Challenge: Land of the Lilliputians… Entry #8 My Kids

I just can’t help myself. Several people have sent me more than one entry for this challenge and they are just so darn cute that I have to publish them!

This next one is by Tess, again. She could not decide between the dead grasshoppers and this one of her doggies.

“I actually painted the black and the white spotted doggies with my mascara (cause it’s expensive to buy black paint just to paint a small dog) and I painted the spotted one with wipe-out and mascara to kind of look like Mika when she was little. LMAO.”

My Kids (Photo by Tess)

My Kids
(Photo by Tess)