April Challenge: Earth Day… Entry #2 Caribbean Shelf

Well, for a minute I thought perhaps Lee had gotten into very high-flying drone photography but rest assured, she has not ventured into that, as yet!

I apologize for the late entry of these photos but I was in an area of spotty internet and could not get these posted as soon as I had wished.

So… this is from Lee:
“Here’s my image for Earth Day. I took it with my iPhone5 from the plane at 36,000 feet on our flight from Miami to Curacao. I think this is the underwater shelf near the Bahamas….it was so amazing to see it with the darker deep water next to it and the clouds off in the distance. I think it represents all that is grace and beauty on our Blue Planet. It’s also an area of the world many of us will never see in person. I was hoping to see it again when we flew back but was on the wrong side of the plane.”

Caribbean Shelf (Photo by Lee)

Caribbean Shelf
(Photo by Lee)


4 thoughts on “April Challenge: Earth Day… Entry #2 Caribbean Shelf

  1. Great image Lee! And perfect for Earth Day! For those of you who fly… be sure to take advantage of the bird’s eye view from above. It’s a whole different world from up there!

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