January Challenge: Black and White… Entry #8 The Tree

RebeKah has chosen a tree as the subject for her black and white image…

“This tree captured my imagination on a recent foggy day. The lack of color in the color version just insisted this become a black and white. I try not to overdo trees as they seem to be a favorite with photographers and get shot a lot but I want to use this recent one.”

The Tree (Photo by rebeKah)

The Tree
(Photo by rebeKah)

The Tree in Black and White (Photo by rebeKah)

The Tree in Black and White
(Photo by rebeKah)


January Challenge: Black and White… Entry #7 Beautiful Lady

When Donna first joined the club she did so with the thought in mind that it might stimulate her to seek out and shoot different things and I see that is exactly what has happened!

“My husband and I have recently started going to car shows and what fun I have had especially with camera! I have noticed that the cars have such beautiful parts and I fell in love with shooting the hood ornaments.
This is one of my favorites and looked much better in black and white.”

Beautiful Lady (Photo by Donna)

Beautiful Lady
(Photo by Donna)

Happy Birthday Lily!

We interrupt this challenge to wish “CrAzY Woman” Lily a very Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Lily!

Happy Birthday Lily!

To all the crazies… if you would like the CWPC to commemorate your birthday, please send your profile shot to me along with something about yourself and I will post it to the left side of the blog so we can all get to know each other better. Join in the fun of shooting and laughing together!

January Challenge: Black and White… Entry #6 Majors Stadium

Debbie must have been thinking along the lines of Sassy when she sent me this historical photo of Majors Stadium in Greenville, Texas. What a difference it makes to show this photo in black and white opposed to color. I do think it is better represented in black and white and I like the fact that Debbie has included the historical marker.

Majors Stadium (Photo by Debbie)

Majors Stadium
(Photo by Debbie)

Majors Stadium (Photo by Debbie)

Majors Stadium
(Photo by Debbie)

In shooting anything like a sign which needs to be read, my personal suggestion would be to take several photos of the sign, “squaring up” your camera to the sign in order to get the letters as sharp as possible and to get the sign aligned as closely as possible which can also be corrected with photoshop or an editing program. With a bit of rotation and cropping and by increasing the contrast and by sharpening just a bit, I think it makes for a bit of a better photo. When we do our historical shoot, we will also be working on shooting the sign.
Collage of Sign Before and After

Collage of Sign
Before and After

Thanks Debbie for your great submission and helping to prepare us for an upcoming shoot!

January Challenge: Black and White… Entry #5 Ice-Stormcicles

Vickie has sent me this next photo of icicles in the ice storm and I must say, it has boggled my brain in looking at it. The differences are subtle but I think this illustrates an important point. Look closely at her original image and you will see a hint of minute color in what appeared to the eye as nearly black and white in real life.

Ice-Stormcicles (Photo by Vickie)

(Photo by Vickie)

But when she processed this in black and white, you can see that these bits of color have disappeared and the black and white image is much more intense and effective, in my opinion.
Ice-Stormcicles Black & White (Photo by Vickie)

Black & White
(Photo by Vickie)

January Challenge: Black and White… Entry #3 Q-tips

This next entry is from Robin Z. and she wrote…

“Dearest Fay-la-la,

Attached is my submission for January. This was hard for me. I’m not good with Photoshop, so I called my son, Christopher, so he could walk me through converting a color photo to B&W.

What is whiter than cotton? However, when photographed in color, the hue is more peachy than white. Converting it to B&W, brings what the eye sees as white to white in the photograph.”

Q-tips (Photo by Robin Z.)

(Photo by Robin Z.)

January Challenge: Black and White… Entry #3 Cooling Tower

I got this e-mail from Sassy up in Oregon:

“Fay, you really need to get out of my head, LOL. Just this morning I was talking to my husband Rob and was telling him that it’s too bad it’s too foggy to shoot the old street car tressle, and that it would look really good in black and white.  Also told him I am going to shoot a few things in black and white this year, just need to find something that grabs my attention.”

Honestly, I didn’t know I was getting into her head but I do like the way she is thinking.  Sassy also made the suggestion for a future challenge to shoot something historic in your area and I thought that was brilliant and we will plan that for sometime in the spring, so put that one in the back of your head.  Now Sassy is getting into your head too!

And sort of along that line, Sassy has sent an interesting piece of history for her black and white submission.

“Here is my entry for the black & white challenge. It is the cooling tower of the now non-existent Trojan Nuclear power plant in Rainer, Oregon. It was in operation from the early 70’s until the late 1990’s when Portland General Electric commissioned it. This photo was taken just days before the tower was imploded in 2006.”

Cooling Tower (Photo by Sassy)

Cooling Tower
(Photo by Sassy)

To read more about this, check out: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trojan_Nuclear_Power_Plant

January Challenge: Black and White… Entry #2 Friends

It was only logical to follow Lorraine’s entry with this entry from Robin W… you know, the other Robin…


Parades don’t so much flow smoothly, they more lurch along, sometimes stopping. This image occurred when the parade stopped briefly. One horse turned to the other, and they faced each other briefly.
My anthropomorphization:

Horse on left: “Are you okay?”
Horse on right: “Yes, just a little tired. Thanks for asking.”

Friends (Photo by Robin W.)

(Photo by Robin W.)

Friends (Photo by Robin W.)

(Photo by Robin W.)

January Challenge: Black and White… Entry #1 “It’s What Was, Not What Is”

This submission is from Lorraine…

Visits With My Best Friend

I can see her head protruding through the barn window.
I see her curious eyes fill with excitement as she catches a glimpse of me.
Moving closer, my heart feels so joyful as I approach my best friend.

The Kansas breeze gently blows her thick dark mane.
She is so beautiful, she is so tame.

We embrace and  she softly nudges me.
Yes, my friend, I brought your treats.

I can  hear the sound of the brush bristles gliding along her smooth body.
I can see  her light golden hair reflecting in the sun.
I can smell her sweet sweat mixed in with the hay.

I can feel her strong smooth body underneath me as  I ride bareback into the sunset.
Our movements are well synchronized. We were meant for one another.
As she gallops along, I can hear the calming sound of  her hoofs pounding against the dirt below.

It’s morning now and I head out the door.
I can feel the deep chill of the bitter and strong northern wind as  I step through the heavy snow.
I have an important job. The water trough is frozen.
I can feel the pain in my hands as I break up the ice and make water available.
It’s okay though. Its all about my best friend.

Now back at  the barn where we have spent so many hours together.
I gently stroke her nose and tell her my secrets, my feelings, my worries and my fears.
She remains so calm and lends me her listening ear.

She is so understanding, so patient, so calming.
I am at peace as she fills my heart with comfort and joy.
She is Ginger, my very best friend!


I took this photo on a recent visit back home. This was my horse’s barn behind my home in Kansas. Ginger was my first and only horse. During very difficult times, while I was in high school,I spent many hours at this barn with Ginger.

Whenever I go home to Kansas, I go out to this barn and spend some time. It evokes so many memories. I am glad that I am involved in photography now and had the sense to photograph this! It’s very old. The house was built around 1917 and the barn was already present when we moved in, in the early 70’s. I like this in B&W because it emphasizes age, but it also seems to help to free the mind to imagine this as it once was. The barn is ever so slowly decaying, but the memories will always remain the same.

"It's What Was, Not What Is" (Photo by Lorraine)

“It’s What Was, Not What Is”
(Photo by Lorraine)