December Challenge: Alphabetography… Entry #2 Can You Guess the Answers?

Liz sent me this e-mail…

“Here it is, my alphabet photo collage. Now, if I could just stop singing the ABC’s!”

So I sat there and searched for the letters but was having difficulty seeing them and then suddenly it occurred to me that Liz had a different take on the challenge. Rather than photographing the letter, she photographed something that began with the letters of the alphabet. But even then I was having some difficulty with several of them. So here is her collage and I will let you see if you can figure out all 26 as they correspond to the letters.

Alphabet Collage (Photos and Collage by Liz)

Alphabet Collage
(Photos and Collage by Liz)

On request, she did send a list of all the letters/photos to help me out on the ones I did not know.

A – angel

B – butterfly

C – cactus

D – dog

E – enamelware


G – glacier

H – hen

I – Indian (This a close shot of a stunning sculpture in Raleigh, NC. Awesome story on her.)

J – juniper

K – kale (Arboretum)

L – landscape (Breckinridge Park)

M – magnolia

N – nautilus (at Perot Museum)

O – ostrich – State Fair

P – pig – State Fair

Q – quarter (HA!)

R – roseate spoonbill

S – snow

T – turkey

U – upward

V – Vitruvian (the park in Addison)

W – waterfall (Prairie Creek, Richardson)

X – Xanethe (I know of a girl with this name)

Y – yellow wildflower

Z – zoom (the 2 ladies on the WRL pier)


6 thoughts on “December Challenge: Alphabetography… Entry #2 Can You Guess the Answers?

  1. I immediately got what you’d done, but I didn’t get them all. Certainly not G. For L I guessed lane, and S was stream. Forget E, H, I, K and U. The rest, piece of cactus, angel, kale, enamel.

  2. I must confess that I did not get it at first… Well my crazy self does not usually read anything first, just try to figure out from a picture. But when I got it, this is actually very neat.
    Very nice Liz. And yes, where did you get the glazer?

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