Shooting at White Rock Lake

Scott has ridden around the lake to a total of 30 miles at one time. He’s a crazy man and determined to bike for his health! (Photo by Fay)

Since we have a little time before our next challenge, I thought it would be good to see some photos of our recent outings and what our members are shooting.  I started shooting at White Rock Lake just a couple months ago and have had great fun with it and felt that the “crazy women” might enjoy it too.

As far as subject matter is concerned, there is lots to pick from… boats, birds, bikers, and whatever else might catch your eye, and I guarantee that you will find something new each time you go.

Tess, Donna, Vickie and I carpooled to the lake one Saturday morning.  We could not enter via Lawther Drive from Garland Road as the entrance was blocked off due to the Tour des Fleurs… a 10K and 20K race to benefit the Dallas Arboretum, so we traveled around the lake and I saw places I had not seen before.

White Rock Lake recently had a photo contest for 2012.  Perhaps next year some of the crazy women can enter!  There are some great photos here.  Check it out!

Let me start out by posting some of my favorite photos that have made this venue enticing for me.  I found that I like shooting the bikers, and they are prevalent on weekend mornings… like watching a parade.  The challenge is to shoot action.  It is easier to shoot if they are coming towards you as opposed to past you.  You will want to use a fast shutter speed to catch the action.    You will find that the bikers are curious about what you are doing there and you may be able to also get some interesting portraits.

Oh… and by the way, be sure you carry a little notebook to jot down their e-mails and send them their photo with a thank-you note.  I’m sure they would appreciate it.

This first photo of one of the bikers is actually a cropped photo as the original included him on his bike heading towards me at a fast speed.  Fortunately it was sharp enough to crop to this extent and I prefered this to the original.

Biking the Rock
(Photo by Fay… a.k.a. Lala)

This biker was kind enough to pose for me and I sent him a bunch of photos.
(Photo by Fay)

Another technique we worked on was panning with the action.

To pan, you will need to lock focus on your subject (in this case, the biker) and then move your camera with his movement (left or right);  thereby, keeping the biker in focus but blurring the background which will give the feeling of speed/motion.

A definite challenge but fun to play around with.  We all experimented with this and it will definitely take more work to perfect the technique.

The photo below demonstrates panning.  It wasn’t until I put it on the computer that I realized that his shirt was blowing in the wind which added to the effect of motion.

Panning with the action…
(Photo by Fay)

So one day while I was busy shooting the bikers I turned towards the lake and there on the bank I found a woman quietly fishing.  She was so close to me, yet I hadn’t seen her as I was so engrossed in shooting the bikers.  In an instant, I was transported to another world… far, far away.  I took a few sereptitious shots and then felt guilty for sneaking a shot.  I struck up a conversation, and fortunately she spoke English.  We had a nice chat about fishing the lake and she gave me permission to take her photo and was proud to show me the fish she caught.  And that day, the fish were biting and I watched her pull in one after another!  A while later, she had packed up her poles and fish and was leaving but before she left, she called out to me and waved good-bye.  I look forward to seeing my new found friend again at the lake!

Fishing along the bank of White Rock Lake
(Photo by Fay)

I turned my attention back to the bikers and once again was caught up in the moment waiting to see who might come by next, and then this roller blader came whizzing by.

Roller Blading the Lake
(Photo by Fay)

Boppin’ to the Music
(Photo by Fay)

This is a gal I see often as she skates around the lake.  Someday I am going to see if I can get her to stop so I can get a portrait of her.  When I see her, I instantly feel happy.  She has her ear buds in and is always bopping around to the music in her ears.  She is so graceful to watch.  She almost makes me want to put on a pair of skates and join her… almost.  Trust me, you do not want to see me skating around the lake!  She makes it look easy!


Another fun technique is capturing a silhouette.  This can be done by metering on the bright background; thereby causing your subject to be underexposed and in silhouette.  This can be enhanced in either photoshop or Lightroom, if need be.

Father and Daughter Biking the Lake
(Photo by Fay)