August Challenge: Black and White… Entry #5 My… What Nice Horns You Have!

Tess has been very busy working, moving and dealing with a sick doggie. Periodically she will update me and when I didn’t hear from her for this challenge, I figured she was over her head in work… which she really is, yet she found time to edit one of her images and present it to us in the black and white challenge.

“This was taken during the first time I was at the Fort Worth Zoo, of course with you, Lala. I got the chance to remove the distractions from the background.”

Let me first show you the original image and then her edited image.

My... What Nice Horns You Have! (Photo by Tess)

My… What Nice Horns You Have!
(Photo by Tess)

My... What Nice Horns You Have! (Photo by Tess)

My… What Nice Horns You Have!
(Photo by Tess)


August Challenge: Black and White… Entry #4 Rose

Our next image is from Diana and it is so nice to have her join in again.

“Well, I failed to get a shot in for the past two months… just gets in the way. I decided for this month to look at some old photos and see what I could convert to black and white since I never shoot that way. I chose a rose…..Why? A rose should show color and vibrance… that is exactly why I decided to make it different!! This was a rose I photographed while in California a couple years ago. The morning dew was perfect, as it formed perfect drops on the petals. When I converted it to black and white, the image was pretty stunning!! I hope you enjoy it!”

Rose (Photo by Diana)

(Photo by Diana)

August Challenge: Black and White… Entry #3 Abandoned Tracks

Our next entry is from our friend Sassy…

“OK now, as for the August challenge, Black and White, I have a few that would probably work, but I’m going to submit my favorite picture.    These are abandoned train tracks behind the old Publishers Paper pulp mill in Oregon City. I shot this back in March on a photowalk I participated in.”

Abandoned Tracks (Photo by Sassy)

Abandoned Tracks
(Photo by Sassy)

Happy Birthday Linda!

We interrupt this challenge to wish our  friend and resident poet a very Happy Birthday!

Photography has added another dimension to Linda’s creativity and on her birthday card to me, she included a beautiful butterfly photo that she put together on the Walgreens site.  Linda is an avid gardener and loves nature and much of what she writes about can be seen outside her kitchen window. 

Her poems have appeared in several journals and anthologies and in Texas Poetry Calendar 2012, and Peace Words, A Poetry Collection to Commemorate the United Nations International Day of Peace, 2011. 

I would like to share one of her poems with you…


A spider spun a siken web

of intricate design.

I marveled at the beauty

of each orb and whorl and line.

Sunlight caught the rainbows

in the sparkling drops of dew

and in the iridescent wings

of an insect caught there, too.

August Challenge: Black and White… Entry #2 Coca Cola

So… this is another learning curve for me.  Since my computer died, I am now having to resort to my laptop which I probably do not use as much as I should.  My desktop computer is my go-to site as it has all my photos at a quick click.  So I have connected my external hard drive to my laptop and miraculously the photos appeared.  Whew!  Not being very techy, I am always intimidated to try something new but we are fortunate in the club to have several very tech-oriented people to call on and I immediately think of Marylin, Mary and Robin W. and I had a friend help me along the way as well.

So this photo is from Robin W. and she always has a way of teaching us something about how she processes her images and this one is no different.

Coca Cola (Photo by Robin W.)

Coca Cola
(Photo by Robin W.)

“This sign is over a long-closed restaurant in the Farmer’s Market area in downtown Dallas. I’m afraid it’s in danger now, given the on-going gentrification of the area. When converting to monochrome I used the color adjustments, trying to pull out as much contrast as I could. The red and yellow components are increased, while lowering the blues and greens.”

I sent a thank you note her way… “That really turned out beautiful Robin and a good lesson to be learned! I so much appreciate you sharing your photographic skills!  I think it makes so much more sense to have you explain how you got a photo and then to see the results!”

And her response was: “My goal is to get as good with contrast as Ansel Adams. And that’s a good thing since there’s no chance at all of achieving it and having to find another goal!” 🙂

August Challenge: Black and White… Entry#1 Prairie Creek Falls

Today I will begin posting our black and white photos and appreciate all of your submissions. We will start off with one by our newest member to the club… Liz. I met Liz about a year ago through Capture Dallas and I can tell you she is great fun to go out and shoot with and has won quite a number of awards on Capture Dallas. She loves nature photography and has captured some gorgeous water lily photos but for this challenge she is submitting a photo of Prairie Creek Falls in Richardson.

I have never been there but I am thinking that this might be a good spot for an outing for the crazies once the weather cools and when there is some fall color. We might also try doing some portraits of each other while there.

So please welcome Liz to the club and I hope we can arrange to meet up soon to shoot together!

(Click on photo to see in a larger format.)

Prairie Creek Falls (Photo by Liz)

Prairie Creek Falls
(Photo by Liz)

To see more photography by Liz, please go to:
Capture Dallas site:
It’s great having you join us Liz and hope you get to meet a bunch of the gals real soon!

Playing with Your Photos

The weather is supposed to be HOT! and what better time to stay inside and play with your photos?

So… I took my own advice and have discovered that not all editing programs are created equal.  Some will do what others will not.  Each has it’s own quirky features and some  are easier to use than others but the great part is, you can work on a photo in one program, save it to your computer and then bring it back, in another program to use one of their features.

Use this “down-time” to explore what can be done.  If you look on the right side of the blog, you will see that I have added a couple more options under “Editing Your Photos”.  Nothing to download and these programs are free!  Give it a try and have fun with your photos!  That’s what photography is all about!

The Happy Fountain