November Challenge: Reflections… Entry #5 Clouded Reflection

Donna sends us her entries. (Tess, you have created a monster!)

Here are my Reflection submissions (that’s right I said submissions)!

The first is “Clouded Reflection” my favorite photo of the day when Robin (Zornes) and I went to the Arboretum to get our shots for this challenge! I thought the second submission “Reflections with Robin” would be the one I would love and submit, however as they say “you never know until you put your shots on the computer!”  I LOVE how I was shooting the reflection of the flower and low and behold I see the reflection of the clouds on further examination!

Clouded Reflection (Photo by Donna)

Clouded Reflection
(Photo by Donna)

Reflections with Robin (Photo by Donna)

Reflections with Robin
(Photo by Donna)


November Challenge: Reflections… Entry #4 Zig Zag

This submission is from Linda and this is what she said…

“This picture was taken at City Lake Park in Mesquite, one of my favorite places to walk. There are many water birds, as well as trees, a bridge, etc. — lots of things to photograph, and the day I was there was perfect for shooting reflections. I chose to submit Zig Zag because of its graphic simplicity.”

Zig Zag (Photo by Linda)

Zig Zag
(Photo by Linda)

Linda has also shared a poem she has done along with a tryptich. I thought it was fun and wanted to share it with you along with her message.
“Fay, I debated over this trio of pictures (I’ve figured out how to do a collage, thanks to you and Fotor!) I decided against submitting it for the challenge because the photos were not that clear. But the excursion to City Lake Park, the episode with the goose (which is absolutely true!), and the fun I’ve had manipulating the photos into a collage and adding text, then writing a poem just for fun has made this a great experience. And the photo I did submit, Zig Zag, was taken the same day at the same place.”

So here is Linda’s photo followed by her poem…  (you may single click on the image to see larger).

Time to Get Up (Photo by Linda)

Time to Get Up
(Photo by Linda)

At the Pond

Water birds around the shore
were huddled in a drowse
until the goose began to honk,
then they began to rouse.
Goose trotted fast as he could go,
Get up! Get up!  he said.
As he passed, ducks and geese
rose up from grassy bed.

But on the far bank they still slept;
he could not get there faster
unless he jumped into the pond.
As swimmer, he was master.
He had the pond all to himself
as he paddled in a rush
to waken far-side sleepers.
But he quieted in a hush.

The water gleamed in sunshine.
It rippled as he passed
tall trees beside the water,
the reflections that they cast.
Water crinkled green and pink
crape myrtles in their bloom;
it shimmered fire truck’s blaze
of red that it could not consume.

When goose reached the other side,
he screeched from it’s muddy rim,
Wake up, wake up, you sleepyheads.
It’s a lovely day for a swim!

Linda Banks – 2013

November Challenge: Reflections… Entry #2 Glass and Water

From Lorraine…
Last spring, I was at the Rockwall Historical Foundation and was just shooting different things and experimenting. I became curious as to what was inside this old building known as the carriage house. As I looked through the window, I saw some old furniture. But what caught my eye, was that I was able to look through this window and out another window on the other side which provided a view of a pond with the trees around it. I decided to shoot through these windows and really liked what I saw. The reflections that came out really surprised me and I always wanted to go back to retake it to make it better. It was cloudy that day and I wanted to make other improvements in the overall photo.

So when this challenge came up, I knew right away what I wanted to submit. I went back to re-shoot this and try to improve it. The timing was great as the trees were showing fall colors and the sun was out. I also needed to make improvements in my composition which required me to shoot at a different angle. The problem was I needed to be on my tip toes to get it framed just right. I was too unsteady to hold my camera still enough while on my tip toes so I used the tripod to get it framed like I wanted it. I then started shooting away!

It’s a busy photo of layers of reflections, with the fence, trees and then the pond itself providing its own reflections. I felt so fortunate on how things just worked out right with the fall colors and the lighting. It was difficult finding a reasonable crop that minimized the graffiti, which covered that end of the building. It saddens me to see the graffiti on the carriage house. The graffiti reflects badly on those that would deface this historic building. That is one reflection we can do without.

Glass and Water (Photo by Lorraine)

Glass and Water
(Photo by Lorraine)

November Challenge: Reflections… Entry #1 Trillium Lake and Mt. Hood

This month we will explore reflections and I no sooner announced the challenge and I got a drop-dead gorgeous reflection from Sassy in Oregon.
I offered to go shoot some reflections of strip malls in Rowlett… maybe in wet pavement but she declined the offer.

Trillium Lake and Mt. Hood (Photo by Sassy)

Trillium Lake and Mt. Hood
(Photo by Sassy)

Now Sassy has done an unusual “Tess” and sent me two photos but the surprise was… it was the same photo upside down. So here is “cRaZy” Sassy’s upside down photo.
Trillium Lake and Mt. Hood (Photo by Sassy)

Trillium Lake and Mt. Hood
(Photo by Sassy)

Fort Worth Zoo

Recently several of us joined in with some of the Capture Dallas photogs in a meetup at the zoo. The weather was nice but quite bright and sunny. By mid afternoon we were exhausted. Somehow some of us totally missed the monkeys and when we returned to that area they were not outside in their play area. All the more reason to return!

Here are a few photos of Donna, Tess, Kristen P., Robin (the other Robin), rebeKah and I.
You may single click on any of the thumbnails to see in a larger size.

The Capture Dallas Gang with the Crazies!
Back Row, L-R Robin, Linda, Liz, Fay, Ken, Ken Front Row, L-R rebeKah, Kristen, Donna, Tess, Deanna

Back Row, L-R
Robin, Linda, Liz, Fay, Ken, Ken
Front Row L-R
rebeKah, Kristen, Donna, Tess, Deanna

In an effort to make it easier to see the photos from the zoo, I have put together a little slide show. It will automatically progress from one to another or you may manually advance to the next photo.

Tess sent me some of her favorite photos to share with you…

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Donna has also sent me some of her photos from the zoo.

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RebeKah has sent some of her images also.

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And here are some by yours truly…

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I have not gotten any photos from Robin or Kristen but I would be happy to include them here if you wish to send any.

October Challenge: Negative Space… Entry #11 Watching You!

I had several photos that I had considered entering and I settled on these two as they are both totally different from each other. I do think this has been a good exercise as it makes us visualize the world around us in a bit of a different way and the end result to achieve negative space can also be attained by cropping out what is truly unnnecessary in our photos. By seeking out negative space, I think we can make our photos more dramatic by simplifying what we are seeing.

I have chosen to give the same title to each of these photos, as I think it applies.

Watching You! (Photo by Fay/Lala)

Watching You!
(Photo by Fay/Lala)

Watching You! (Photo by Fay/Lala)

Watching You!
(Photo by Fay/Lala)

October Challenge: Negative Space… Entry #10 Freedom/One

I was thrilled to hear from Marylin. I was wondering how she was doing as she had recently retired and was off traveling and camping through the country… or so I thought, and then I get this message accompanied by her photos for the challenge and this is what she said.

Sorry about the lack of communication. Unfortunately, I never got to the Grand Canyon. My first stop was to the second largest canyon in the US, Palo Duro, in the Texas Panhandle. There I fell off a horse and I cracked my sacrum in two places and a part of my left hip.

I was with a friend when I fell off the horse and with the guide who rented the horses to us and who took us into the canyon. My horse took off about 3 minutes away from the stable (on the way back). It took me by surprise and it jolted me so hard that I was not able to hold on with its galloping. The horses looked tired and I did not follow my intuition. Great lesson….but painful.

No surgery. I think it was because I was overweight and the fat acted as “cushion”; therefore, the sacrum and the hip just cracked. I also damaged a shoulder where I landed first. Afterwards, I bounced and landed on my sacrum. I’m very lucky. It was a nasty fall. The ambulance had a hard time getting inside the canyon and I was in a lot of pain. It was hard to get walking again and bend down. But,
extremely lucky!

I was hospitalized in Amarillo, then to rehab, and then went back to my mother’s house, in Plano, to get physical therapy. I had on a holster with 2 cameras when I fell and the damage to the cameras was minor compared to my damage 😦

I’m doing much better now. No walker and no cane! Thank God. Still a bit of pain though. I was a little “down in the dumps” because I had not been able to travel as planned and my mobility was limited. Now, I’m in better spirits so I will be planning other trips soon. And, I can walk again! Glad to be able to walk again; but no more horses for me!

I would like to submit this picture for the October’s challenge. I took it while camping at Long Key State Park in the Florida Keys.

Hummmm, name for the picture? FREEDOM
(for the Great Blue Heron, white phase)

Freedom (Photo by Marylin)

(Photo by Marylin)

For the sunrise with the tree… ONE
I woke up one day and went outside of my 4 room tent (by myself for a week) and saw this sunrise. I had to go back to the tent to grab one camera or two…

One (Photo by Marylin)

(Photo by Marylin)

One (Photo by Marylin)

(Photo by Marylin)

October Challenge: Negative Space… Entry #9 Fire in the Sky

I am thrilled to have Linda join us again in the monthly challenge. I recently had lunch with her and our friend Sheila and I’m sure at some point during our lunch she might have been thinking… how did I ever get hooked up with this crazy woman? What can I say Linda? It just sort of happened. I guess I evolved.

So… here is Linda’s story about the torch:

“I attended a reception at the John Bunker Sands Wetlands. After four days of rain, it was a beautiful evening. A walkway over the water put me right between the sunset on my right and the moonrise on my left. Photo ops all around.

Another lady with camera told me to take a look at a shot she had just made. It was of a torchlight against the evening sky. As I walked back toward the building, I turned and made similar shots. By then, most of the orange streaks from the sunset were gone, so the sky became my negative space.”

Fire in the Sky (Photo by Linda)

Fire in the Sky
(Photo by Linda)

I was unfamiliar with the John Bunker Sands Wetlands and I am thinking we might need to check it out sometime. Here is the website:

Thank you Linda for your submission and for alerting us to another area to shoot wildlife and habitat!