December Challenge: Alphabetography… Entry #3 Alphabet Collage

Our next submission is from Robin W… you know… the “other” Robin.

Robin also found this to be a challenge…
“When this challenge first came, I had already started gathering
letters to spell my name, so I sort of knew it was going to be
tricky. Interesting, as it turned out, I didn’t use any of those I
already had.

I thought the straight line ones, N, M, Z, etc., would be easiest, a
simple matter of shooting some iron structures. That didn’t work
out. Those were some of the most difficult to find. I only got
usable N, T, Z and H images a couple weeks ago, and I’m still not too
crazy about some of them.  J was difficult to find. And, don’t even ask about G.”

Alphabet Collage by Robin W.

Alphabet Collage by Robin W.


8 thoughts on “December Challenge: Alphabetography… Entry #3 Alphabet Collage

  1. Bravo Robin! Your letters are really quite easy to recognize! Great job! I like how you set up your collage. Quite tricky as you have both vertical and horizontal photos to deal with.

  2. Robin,
    Your Difficulty in finding the letters did not show on this. Your letters are “perfect”, and they are beautiful.
    Your collage is also done perfectly.
    Great job as always Robin.

  3. Thank you all. I have a list of several I want to improve on. “N” is first, “M” second, followed by “H”, “I” and “J”. And maybe “V” and “W”.

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