February Challenge: Quotes… Entry #6 By Linda

The next entry is from Linda and this is what she shared with me…
“This is a photo I took last fall in Arkansas and the text is the last two lines of a sonnet I wrote years ago.”
(Click on photo to enlarge)

Photo and Quote by Linda

Photo and Quote by Linda


February Challenge: Quotes… Entry #4 By Carol

I would like all you crazies to welcome Carol to the CWPC. She has been following along for sometime and about the time she found out about the CWPC, she was in the process of moving from Texas to Washington, DC. She is now settled in but has not been able to find a photo group quite like this crazy group of women and will be joining us from afar.

Carol… it is great to have you join us! For those of you who do not know Carol, scroll down to find her photo and bio on the left side of the blog.

She has sent along this wonderful photo and quote to share with us…
Also… check out this inspiring video she has sent our way:

February Challenge: Quotes… Entry #3 By Debbie

Debbie sent me an e-mail as she was trying to figure out how to use text on Fotor as she initially could not find how to change the color of the text. I like what she has done here and the light green text is set off so nicely against the black background! And… what a gorgeous orchid!

(Photo by Debbie)

(Photo by Debbie)

February Challenge: Quotes Entry #1 By Robin Z.

For the month of February I gave the crazies a challenge to pair a quote with a photo using negative space for the quote.

This was the first time that many of the members have done this and for those not using photoshop, I had suggested using either Fotor or Ribbet editing programs as listed on the right side of the blog as these are quite easy to use and give many fonts.

When I received Robin’s entries I was so impressed by what she submitted that I had to show you all of them and have put them in a slide show. Evidently she has never done anything like this before but her entries are exemplary!

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Snow Geese…

Just wanted to share with you a few photos that Tess took of the snow geese before we start our next challenge. This year the snow geese were at the back of her property and they are spectacular and she said they were a raucous bunch!

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