You cannot chase a sunset!

Paige, Ijeje and Faith


Diana and Kristen         (Photo by Tess)

To celebrate the birthdays of those of us born this month, we planned a dinner at Glorias at the Harbor in Rockwall and had quite a good turnout, about 15, including guests.

At the beginning of the meal, I lifted my mojito to give a toast to the crazy wimmin as well as the FedEx and UPS guys who make us so happy when they deliver the goods.  Happy Birthday to Lorraine, Debbie, Ijeje, and yours truly.

Bashful Kristen, Lorraine and Pati

Unfortunately Debbie never made it to dinner as there was a terrible wreck on I-30 that had traffic backed up for miles and she sat in traffic for 2 hours at which point she was able to head home.  We missed you Debbie!

Dr. Rereddy and son

Tess brought homemade chocolate cupcakes and arranged them on the table.  Each birthday girl had a cupcake with her name on it and a candle and there were extra cupcakes for the rest!  Thank you Tess for making this dinner so special and for all your hard work.  The cupcakes were decorated with flowers and butterflies.  (She is so talented!)  And they were so yummy!

Ijeje, Lala, and Lorraine  (Photo by Tess)

Cupcakes by Tess

The drapes to the dining room  were closed to keep the bright sun out and keep it cooler, so we chatted, took photos and enjoyed our meal.  By the time we finished, we grabbed our cameras and headed outside to find that we had TOTALLY MISSED the sunset.

It was GONE…as in, below the horizon.  So the joke was on us crazy wimmin.

We did however shoot the remaining light in the sky and learned another important photography lesson.  Even when you think the light is gone… keep shooting (preferably with a tripod).  There is still some magical light left in the sky!


Courtney, Kristen’s daughter

Ishan, Dr. Rereddy’s son

Lala and Tess (Photo by Lorraine)


Party with the “wimmin”…

Let it be known that we “wimmin” like to party…  any excuse to have a good time and celebrate!

So… our first party was for Lorraine’s birthday.  It was a surprise held at change of shift at work.  The surprise was almost on us as a local hospital lost generator power and we thought the patients were going to be transferred to us but all worked out in the end, the generator was replaced in a timely manner and the party was still on.  Little did Lorraine know that she was to receive a Gorilla Gram!

Gorilla Birthday Hug  (Photo by Tess)

Happy Birthday to You!
(Photo by Lala)



Eating the birthday banana…
(Photo by Tess)

It was hosted by the CWPC and included guests who Lorraine works with at the hospital.  We even managed to surprise her with a cake with her photo on it.  As a matter of fact, the photo on the cake turned out so good it made us think about saving our photos on cakes as opposed to prints.  Oh no… can’t do that.  Way too many calories and where would we put those thousands of cakes?  Bad idea!  Crazy idea!

And of course, the celebration would not be complete without the eating of the “Birthday Banana”!  And yes… there were enough bananas to go around.

A fun time was had by all!

Midway through the party, Lorraine announced… “You know, this really is my birthday!”

DUH!  Yes Lorraine… we know that!  That’s why we planned it for today!

Happy Birthday Lorraine.  Hope this will be a special day you will never forget!

And how old did you say you were?

Oh… that’s right… some things we just don’t talk about.

Sure hope you enjoyed the antics of the crazy “wimmin”!

Gorilla Girl… Lala
(Photo by Tess)

August Challenge

OK… so for this month we will again do a challenge as the July challenge was popular with the members.

So here is your challenge for August:  Shoot something red!  Could be a red balloon, red berries, red toenails, red lips, red shoes, etc., etc., etc..  You decide.

E-mail me the photo in small to medium size (no greater than 1000 pixels on the long edge) and be sure to include a description/story of your photo for added interest.  Your deadline is August 14th and I will begin posting your photos on August 15th.

So… think red for the month of August.  Good luck and happy shooting!

Flying Owl
(Photoshopped Image by Tess) You go girl!

Sunset at the Lake

How fortunate we are to have the lake within easy traveling distance. A great place to shoot sunsets!

Also good for sunrises, if you like to get up that early.

So this is the final photo in the July competition… Shoot What You Love.

Day’s End…
(Photo by Lala)

Thanks to everyone who submitted photos to this challenge and to those of you who took the time to comment.

Cook, Play, Shoot & Eat!

Watermelon, Blueberry and Feta Salad
(Photo by Tess)

It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind!

OK… so Tess was probably the first one to send me an image for the July challenge, but I was not about to post anything until after the deadline of July 14th..

And then here comes another e-mail from Tess saying…

I changed my mind for the monthly challenge. This is my official entry…hahaha.
Well this is actually your Watermelon, Blueberry and Feta Salad.  I chose this for my entry ’cause I love to eat.

My love of photography started when I made your Coconut Pecan Cake that looks beautiful as Nick says. It started from the  love and play with my food,  became a hobby,  now an “obsession”.

Let me add to your famous quote “COOK, PLAY, SHOOT, & EAT”. Hahaha.

The Scrap House

Today we feature a photo taken by Debbie of “The Scrap House” in New Orleans.

Lonely Planet review for Scrap House

“Artist Sally Heller designed this sculpture, built entirely out of found and  recycled material, and dedicated it to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. A  ruined shack that resembles Dorothy’s house blown off-track sits in a tree constructed from pieces of oil drums. Inside, a light shines for those seeking  to return home. It’s a powerful piece of work that sits in an appropriate  setting – across from the Convention Center, where so many refugees were  displaced in the aftermath of the Storm.”

The Scrap House
(Photo by Debbie)

Drive-by shooting…

Today we will feature a photo taken by Leah.  This is an example of what I like to call “drive-by” shooting, and I certainly hope she was the passenger and not the driver!

Pecos, Texas
(Photo by Leah)

This was taken near Pecos, Texas and as you can tell from this photo, there are a lot of wide open spaces in west Texas.

Not your usual building

Today we will feature Gina’s photo.  This building is quite a unique old structure and that is what caught Gina’s eye.  She was in New York when she shot this.

A Unique Firehouse
(Photo by Gina)

Get Ready to Ride

Paige has submitted a photo for this challenge.  She says she took this with her phone and is hoping to purchase a camera soon.

“So… this is a photo of my friend, Robyn, and her kiddos ready to take on the Log Flume at Six Flags.”  Paige says the thing she likes about this photo is the angle at which it is taken.

Get Ready to Ride
(Photo by Paige)