July Challenge: Shutter Speed… Entry #5 The Fountain

Our friend Sassy up in Oregon sent me an e-mail saying that recently they were at 60° and getting rain. I think I would gladly trade some of this heat for those temps and some good rain. Sassy used to live in Texas so she understands our heat all too well!

“I took this at the John McLaughlin house in Oregon City.”

My settings were: F5.6, 1/60 sec, ISO 400


“Not All Who Wander Are Lost”

I was not going to post anything today but since I have had a couple unexpected mailings, I thought I would include them here.

I received a lovely birthday card from our poet-in-residence, Linda Banks. You cannot imagine how thrilled I was when she joined the CWPC. Linda is very creative, loves nature and has quite a talent for writing… in particular, writing poetry and she wanted to improve her photography so that she could pair her photography with her poetry.

Linda has been through some difficult times, having recently lost her husband and then her sister, but in spite of that she took the time to send me a lovely birthday card with a butterfly on the front and wrote a humorous as well as touching message inside.

I knew that I wanted to share what she had written so I decided to pair her words with a funny photo of myself for my xxth birthday. This getting old is not fun but I thank each one of you for keeping me young at heart and for keeping me laughing, even when I sometimes did not feel like laughing. But then you are… a bunch of crazies, and I thank you for that.

So… here it is!

(Click on the photo to enlarge to read more easily)

It was funny because I knew that she had hand-written a note on the card but did not realize until the next day that she had also tucked a surprise inside. The P.S. said… “This is a stick-up!!! See inside.” I thought the arrow was pointing to the writing on the opposite page when in fact there was a sticker tucked inside the envelope she had written on and attached.
The sticker said: “Not All Who Wander Are Lost”. What fun!
So, I will go out to my car and find a special place for the sticker!

Thank you so much Linda for the kind words and your thoughts!
I so much appreciate it!

And then I get an e-mail from none other than Tess!
OK… so you know that means trouble!

She said, ” Have a wonderful birthday. This was taken without your knowledge during your vacation in Hawaii two years ago.” LOL!

Two years ago? Hawaii? That’s funny. I don’t remember any of this!!
Do you think the Alzheimers is setting in? Or is it just Tessie giving me a hard time… AGAIN! Honestly! That Tess is a Mess!

Thanks Tessie! Not sure what I would do without your extreme craziness!
Isn’t photography fun!?!

July Challenge: Shutter Speed… Entry #4 The Infamous Frog

Tess has been a busy gal in the process of selling her house, buying another and living out of her RV with her husband and three big lovable dogs and in spite of it all, she has managed to send me some photos and a story!

“I choose this submission because this frog picture is the important and celebrated moment that triggers me to the love of photography.

March 22, 2012 was a very cold day when Fay, Gina and I went for the first time as a group at the Arboretum. It warmed up a little bit almost the middle of the day though. I and Gina knew nothing about the photography including how to use our cameras. There we learned Photography Lesson 101: “Remove your lens cap”. LOL


Almost the end of our tour, Fay showed me a picture from her camera screen, a picture of this frog that she just took with a frozen water. I was impressed with that picture, she taught me how to do it (but it took sooooo many tries), then the rest is history. Thanks again Lala for everything. I always appreciate it.”


So… here is the slow shutter speed:
The Infamous Frog (Photo by Tess)

The Infamous Frog
(Photo by Tess)

And here is the fast shutter speed.  (For some reason the specific data was not retained within the photo.)
The Infamous Frog (Photo by Tess)

The Infamous Frog
(Photo by Tess)

“The next picture is just a picture that I wanted to share just to keep my title “Doing a Tess”.
This is an accidental shutterspeed delay. Guess what this image is?
Clue: It’s a drive-by photography.” *:) happy
What the Heck is This? (Drive-by Photo by Tess)

What the Heck is This?
(Drive-by Photo by Tess)

July Challenge: Shutter Speed… Entry #3 Chilly Splash

Our next entry is from Lorraine…

“I have really enjoyed shooting the kiteboarders on Lake Ray Hubbard.
These guys and even some gals brave the cold waters in the winter months
for the thrill of this activity. I took this photo on January 4th. I
have met several of them and they enjoy getting photos of their stunts!
Controlled by the wind direction, they often try their best to come as
close to the shore as safely possible so you can get a decent shot.

With all the action I have learned to use faster shutter speeds. It is
also sometimes very difficult to shoot them at the right angle because
often you are facing the sun. I try to wait for them to be in an area
were I am shooting them with the sun more at my side. The haze and
brightness can be tricky. Sometimes I have taken many shots just to only
get a few decent ones.

This is Jason and he was the first kiteboarder that I met. These
kiteboarders are amazing to watch and photograph. Its been very good
practice for me to try to shoot action and use faster shutter speeds.
Its also been a lot of fun!!”

(Be sure to click on photo to enlarge!)

Chilly Splash (Photo by Lorraine)

Chilly Splash
(Photo by Lorraine)

In looking at the data imbedded in Lorraine’s photo, I can tell you that this was taken at f 6.7, shutter speed 1/1500 sec. ISO 500 at 200mm. So… I think you are getting the idea that if you want to freeze the action, it is necessary to really boost up your shutter speed as Lorraine did here. It may necessitate also increasing the ISO since you will in essence be decreasing the light by increasing your shutter speed. It’s all about balance with your shutter speed, ISO as well as aperture to get proper exposure. Just remember… when trying to catch the action, be sure to set your shutter speed first and then play with the other settings until you get the desired results.

I have run into Lorraine and Mike at the lake on several occasions as we have shot the kiteboarders. They are lots of fun to shoot and appreciate you taking their photos but it is definitely a challenge to catch the action.

July Challenge: Shutter Speed… Entry #2 Movin’ Out

Our next entry is from Robin W. (the other Robin).

Movin' Out

Movin’ Out (Photo by Robin W.)

This was a fun exercise, in bright sunlight with a long shutter speed
– 1/5 second.  ISO was 100, and aperture was F29.

The key to this was a variable neutral density filter.  The ND filter
is sort of like sunglassess, or maybe welding glasses, for the
camera.  Variable means you can vary the amount of light that gets
through.  Mine is home-made.  When I was starting out I bought two
different circular polarizing filters, one for each size lens I
had.  Much later I discovered that if I would get a cheap adapter I
could screw them together and have a variable ND filter on the cheap.

Anyway, I set the camera up on the tripod by the road, and aimed it,
put the filter on and dialed it down to the darkest, and did some
test shots.  Looking at the itty-bitty monitor on the back of the
camera I found 1/5 second would make an okay image, longer blew it out.

So then I just waited for bicyclists (or anything that moved) to go
by and used the remote shutter release to shoot.  You don’t get any
viewfinder or monitor, everything is just black, so you memorize
where your target comes into the frame, and shoot blind.  You shoot a
lot, and review them on the monitor to see if you’re getting anything.

On another subject, turned out that was the day I lost my remote
shutter release, but I didn’t know it until I got to Cumberland Falls
in Kentucky, ready to shoot the moonbow, and no remote. So,
everything there was 30 seconds, the max my camera will go without bulb.

July Challenge: Shutter Speed… Entry #1 The Running Faucet

I will begin this challenge with one of my photos that I took some time ago when visiting the Hill Country of Texas. This was taken at a winery and I was loving this fountain! Now we normally think of a fountain as spraying water upwards but this one was in the opposite direction powered by a recirculating pump. As I was shooting, I decided to try shooting at a a slow shutter speed to blur the water as well as a fast shutter speed to “freeze” the water and these are the resulting pictures which I think explain how shutter speed can very much affect the final photos depending on what you are looking for.

(Click on photo to enlarge.)

Shutter Speed (Photo by Fay-la-la)

Shutter Speed
(Photo by Fay-la-la)

June Challenge: Crop Your Photo… Entry #10 I Lost My Head

This photo crop came to be, simply because I had some extra time on my hands and decided to play with a photo in the ribbet editor.

I had this photo from the White Rock Farmer’s Market. It was a quick snap as I was just trying to capture the flavor of the market and the things you might see there like… jewelry, bags, belts and other craft items.

I Lost My Head (Original) Photo by Fay-la-la

I Lost My Head
Photo by Fay-la-la

Fortunately, it was sharp enough that I could cropped into the most interesting part of the photo… the head, but it was still a blah photo with the distracting color of the blue tent behind as well as that pole coming out of her head. So… I took the pole out. But… it still needed something.

I Lost My Head (Cropped Image) Photo by Fay-la-la

I Lost My Head
(Cropped Image)
Photo by Fay-la-la

Time to play! I tried black and white, but that did not appeal to me, so I did selective coloring and then embellished it with the flowery graphic in the lower right corner, a grunge frame as well as text… and this is my final image.
I Lost My Head (Final Cropped Image) Photo by Fay-la-la

I Lost My Head
(Final Cropped Image)
Photo by Fay-la-la

All in all, I think it makes for a more interesting and quirky image.

June Challenge: Crop Your Photo… Entry #9 Grand Opening

Our next entry is from Lorraine…

“This is the photo I submitted for the CWPC May 2013 Flower Challenge,
titled ‘Grand Opening’.

I often crop my photos to improve the composition for various reasons.
Sometimes it’s to crop something out that is distracting, and sometimes
it’s just to reposition the subject for better composition.

I sometimes struggle with getting my focal point on my camera to be just
where I want it. Although I have made some improvement in framing the
image when I take it, I still find myself often needing to crop. Thank
goodness for cropping!

When I received this challenge for cropping, the first thing that came to
my mind was this photo. I cropped this photo for several reasons. The
subject was too centered (probably because that was where my focus point
was). I also had that bright flower coming up from the bottom of the
frame and the window at the top which both needed to go. It was one of
my favorite cropping jobs that I have been able to do so far and just
wanted to resubmit this for this challenge.”

This rosebud was taken at the Rockwall County Historical Foundation Museum.

Grand Opening (Original Image) Photo by Lorraine

Grand Opening
(Original Image)
Photo by Lorraine

Grand Opening (Cropped Image) Photo by Lorraine

Grand Opening
(Cropped Image)
Photo by Lorraine