January Challenge: Entry #9… Ornamental Peach Tree

OOPS! We have one more entry for the January challenge!

Just got an e-mail this morning with a photo from Marcia.  Donna and I met Marcia last year at the Rockwall BBQ Cookoff and somehow got talking about photography, and then about the club and then Marcia figured she was crazy enough to join the club and the rest is history.  So it is great to have Marcia join in the challenge!

This is what she had to say about her photo:

“I decided to use my ornamental peach tree that is in my backyard. I chose this because it is so pretty in the spring when it blooms. Right now it is already budding and it is way too early for that.”

Ornamental Peach Tree (Photo by Marcia)

Ornamental Peach Tree
(Photo by Marcia)

January Challenge: Entry #8… The Elusive Tree

This is the final image for this challenge. Many thanks to all of you who have committed to this challenge and it will be interesting to see what you capture as the year progresses. Keep your images in a separate folder on your computer for easy retrieval. Keep shooting throughout the year and at the end of the year we will each work on putting a collage together and will share your variations on a theme with all the crazies.

As you know I was quite intrigued by Kevin Day’s entries for “My Friend, the Dead Tree” and that was what sparked this challenge. So as I was considering what to shoot, I thought of several trees that I like at the lake. The lake is close to home so that would be convenient. I shot several trees in the process and narrowed it down to two and then sought advice from my photog friend as to which might be the best to use… and then the decision was made. Now I was ready to start the challenge.

I awoke one morning to see a thick fog enveloping the world and I knew I had to get out and shoot “my tree”. No time for a shower or brushing my teeth or even breakfast. I quickly dressed, grabbed my camera and keys and off I went. I pulled into the parking lot and walked through the wet grass and started shooting. The fog was so thick that morning that I could not see where my car was parked and could barely make out the tree. I walked closer and looked down at the lake and wondered what happened to all the water that only a couple days ago had been up to the shoreline of the lake. Something was wrong… very wrong. That’s when I realized I was shooting the wrong tree! Talk about being in a fog! CRAZY WOMAN!

So I followed the shoreline back to my car and went to the next parking lot, got out of the car, walked a ways and realized it was the wrong parking lot. Back in the car and backtracked and finally found the right parking lot and the right tree! Took quite a few shots both close up and far away, vertical and horizontal. At this point my shoes were soaked but I had a variety of photos to add to my collection. Back to the car and heading home for breakfast but in the dense fog I totally missed the turnoff to I-30 and realized it when I arrived at the marina, so once again, I did a “U-ey” and finally found the road to home (and breakfast!).

The first photo that I am submitting is the one I took on a sunny day. Once again, I had several images to choose from. This particular one I actually liked because of the lense flare pointing directly at “my tree”. Lense flare is caused when the light directly hits your lense and can have a positive or negative effect on the final image. I was attempting to get a sun star when this occurred and I rather liked the effect… and there is no doubt which is “my tree” and that was why I chose this particular image.

I look forward to shooting this tree throughout the year. Thus far I have captured it in sun, snow and fog and already the photos look very different from one another.

Keep shooting “crazy women”! I think this will end up being a fun challenge.

The Elusive Tree (Photo by Lala)

The Elusive Tree
(Photo by Lala)

Happy Birthday Lily!


Today is Lily’s birthday!

If you have not met Lily, do check out her photo site on the right side of the blog… “Lily’s Photo Art” listed under Favorite Photo Sites. You will be treated to her beautiful photography as well as her story! And as you will remember, Lily has entered several of our challenges with rave reviews by the crazies! Due to a distance factor she has been unable to join any of our outings as yet, but I do hope she can join us at some time in the future to meet y’all!

So… Happy Birthday Lily from the Crazy Women! Have a great day!

Happy Birthday Lily!

Happy Birthday Lily!

January Challenge: Entry #7 … Peach Tree by the Lake

Vickie is tending this little tree with lots of TLC…

“I love peaches and growing up in a farming family I have always loved planting, watching things grow and then harvesting. At our old house, we had the most amazing peach tree and ever since moving to our new house…. over 10 years ago now…. I have wanted to plant some fruit trees.

Last year, on a Costco visit, I saw FRUIT TREES!!! I went home, got the truck, headed back and procured 6 of them for my very own!!! 2 apple, 1 pear, 1 plum, 1 apricot and ONE PEACH!!! I had them planted…. initially on our neighbors property and they had to be moved a week later. I watered diligently, as they were planted where our sprinkler system does not water. Low and behold…. I received one perfect peach at the end of the summer!! I have babied this tree above the others and I believe it has survived the summer, fall and hopefully the winter.

I chose this as my project, as I am anxious to see what changes happen in a year and want to catch it flowering and hopefully growing fruit…. I am excited for this challenge!!”

Peach Tree by the Lake(Photo by Vickie)

Peach Tree by the Lake
(Photo by Vickie)

January Challenge: Entry #6… The Tree Behind My House

Merrie’s photo is of an old oak tree behind her house and this is her story:

When I first had my house built back in 1990 the Creek Crossing area was pretty new and mostly undeveloped. I choose the last street down next to a creek which is the East Fork of the Trinity River. There were only a few lots that had been built on my street so I had my pick of which lot I wanted to build on. I chose the one I did because it was the only one that had a tree on it.

It was a well established tree, an oak tree which was part of the original landscape and not cut down to make this residential development. It sits behind my house, between the alley and the creek. Hence the name for this picture should be “The Tree Behind My House”. It was not quite as large as it is now and I have watched it grow through the years, losing branches from time to time whenever a bad storm hits but there it still stands.

I have taken many photos of it over the years, mostly in the winter when it is covered with snow, but now that it will be part of my photo challenge, I will like to take more shots of it from different angles, different times of the day and different seasons. The other trees, bushes, and brush that are there now, were not originally there except for a small evergreen that is now huge and you may see it in the background.

And that is the story of the tree behind my house as best as I can describe.

The Tree Behind My House (Photo by Merrie)

The Tree Behind My House
(Photo by Merrie)

January Challenge: Entry #5… Trees in the Park

Debbie was also having some indecision with this challenge and couldn’t quite figure out what to shoot. I think she was secretly wishing it could be something abstract… so this is her story:

“I don’t know why I chose what I did. I was just trying to find something before
the deadline. I walked around the park a bit and I kept going back to the trees clumped together and wondered what they would look like in the spring.”

Trees in the Park(Photo by Debbie)

Trees in the Park
(Photo by Debbie)

January Challenge: Entry #4… This Old Tree

Tess thought this challenge was the most difficult of all, but quite frankly, I am not sure why. She thought she had her mind made up on the subject but then changed her mind and sent me her dog. And then once again changed her mind and sent me this tree. And yes… it is a woman’s perogative to change her mind, so this is Tess’s entry. But then again… are you sure Tess?

“This is the oldest and largest tree that we have on our property. This is
not only the biggest tree but also a tree with character. It has two big
branches that separate in two and create a perfect “Y” effect of which I love
to see each morning as I wake up. We don’t know how old this tree is but it
looks extremely old.

This tree sets at the very back of the property, and it’s too far away that
I can count from the fingers of my one hand as to how many times I have been there. This year, it would be a total change, and I will visit this tree more often.

Sorry for not being able to eliminate the other smaller tree located on the left
side and the very small bush on the right side to simplify my background. I
could have eliminated it by cutting them down, like someone I know, but I know my husband will kill me if I do so.”

This Old Tree(Photo by Tess)

This Old Tree
(Photo by Tess)