June Challenge: Sunrise… Entry #4 Sunrise Along Highway 121

Now as I am sure that many of you know, there are several of us who are posting to Capture Dallas and I wish more of you would join us. A great place to post photos, it costs nothing, your photos reproduce beautifully and there are a lot of nice photogs in the group. And not only that… there is more commenting and these comments sometimes carry over to include the crazies!
Look under “Favorite Photo Sites” for the link to Capture Dallas!

It took a second plea on my part to get you crazy women to act and capture a sunrise. Now had it been a sunset, I probably would have been deluged with photos!

So I click on CD and find a gorgeous sunrise photo from none other than our own rebeKah. And I think I could have counted on finding a comment made by Robin (you know… the “other” Robin) about her photo. So this was how the conversation played out:

Robin: And now I know where that ‘one entry’ came from 🙂 Congrats, that must have been quite a challenge.

rebeKah: Robin, actually I had not yet turned mine in so that e-mail helped remind me to do so. And yes, with all the clouds/rain recently I thought it was a challenging month for sunrises and this was all I was able to get. Sadly, it took me a few days just to locate where it would be.

rebeKah: Linda/Fay, you have been influential in helping me get this shot. Thanks.

Linda/Fay/Lala: Glad I could talk you into getting your butt out of bed to capture this. It’s a beauty and you are certified crazy!
Now we have to work on Robin!!!

rebeKah: Fay, next time instead of talking you should do some kicking!
Yes, let’s get Robin. And thanks for using all your persuasive powers.

Looks like we are on a common mission!
Watch out Robin! The crazies are after you!

Sunrise along Hwy 121 (Photo by rebeKah)

Sunrise Along Hwy 121
(Photo by rebeKah)


14 thoughts on “June Challenge: Sunrise… Entry #4 Sunrise Along Highway 121

  1. It is an excellent image, so good I’d never be able to equal it. Ever. Never ever. (Hoping groveling assuages the wrath of the masses.)

  2. rebeKah,
    What a very beautiful sunrise! I really like how you formatted this to include so much of the sky above. It’s makes for a great skyscape! I really like all the various shades of color through out the whole image. Very well done!!

  3. rebeKah,
    This is beautiful. I really love the different colors of the clouds. I don’t see sunrise often except while driving to work.
    Job well done.

  4. Very beautiful. I agree with Tess and Lorraine about the beautiful colors in the clouds. I wish I could have gotten a sunrise this time. All the submissions are beautiful. Very well done

  5. Robin should either get a sunrise shot or change her name, right? She’ll probably roll out of bed one retirement day capture a million dollar sunrise shot her first take and then will be forever telling the masses in interviews how she lives for sunrises!

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