Happy Birthday Lynda!

We interrupt this challenge to wish Crazy Woman Lynda from the UK a very Happy Birthday! I was trying to pick you up on my TV but I certainly have better reception with skype!


11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Lynda!

    • Well… obviously she is having a Happy Birthday! I just drank a Lime-a-Rita in her honor! And it tasted soooo good! I just love celebrations as long as I am not the one getting older!!!

  1. Happy birthday Lynda. Chocolate cake for facial???? Sounds yummy and when you are tired and hungry of waiting you can just lick the chocolates. LOL

  2. Thank you for all your birthday wishes and as for the chocolate cake John should have said chocolate cakes!! He presented with me with one just a few minutes into 1st July and insisted we each had a slice!!
    Our son arrived yesterday lunchtime with another large chocolate cake!! Not much left . . . . of either one . . .

    The iPad has retina display, takes pictures and has my name and age engraved on the casing :-)).
    Hope to post pictures taken with it . . .

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