August Challenge: Land of the Lilliputians… Entry #5 The Jedi Exterminators

This next entry is from Tess… undecided Tess! This is what she says:

Sorry that I am going to pull “a Tess” once again. I am so bloody confused. If you choose the little people with the dead grasshoppers, the title would be “The Jedi Exterminators”.

So yes, Tess, I have chosen this one but will also be posting your other one once everyone’s photos have been posted.

“Those grasshoppers are just a few of the millions that we have in one area, we have plenty more on the other areas that we spray with organic insecticide, if not they will eat our plants all the way to the roots. That is why I told you I hate them. LOL. The areas that have more dead grasshoppers are not as good looking as this one cause the trees are taller and you cannot see green leaves so I chose this bush.”

The Jedi Exterminators (Photo by Tess)

The Jedi Exterminators
(Photo by Tess)


10 thoughts on “August Challenge: Land of the Lilliputians… Entry #5 The Jedi Exterminators

  1. Wow! Now that’s a plague of Biblical proportion! I don’t see this in any area around me and I wonder if any other area is like this? Great exterminator idea.

    • Thank you rebeKah. Yes, they are all over our place, and I believed it is true to those who live in the country. When we first moved here, I thought it was a plaque too, to found out that they always come every year and gets worst when we don’t have an extreme cold winter that could freeze their eggs which we don’t have last winter.

  2. Tess, that’s brilliant! I used to live in the country and so I know what it’s like to be overrun with these huge, hungry grasshoppers!!! Not fun!! I used to see how many I could grab and throw them in the pond. What can I say? I was bored back then… before kids. LOL

    • Yes Kristen P., as much as I hate them, I found their use by using them for my entry…LOL. I don’t think it help with my hatred to them though. Your way of exterminating them is probably more therapeutic. Sorry to those environmentalist… If you are in the situation like ours you will understand. LOL.

    • We have never seen this bad either since we lived here. The bad thing is we cannot spray a stronger insecticide for we have animals that drink from our stock tank. The bad thing is that organic insecticide are way too expensive than the regular one and not as effective, but we don’t have a choice.

  3. Tess,
    Great idea and the grasshoppers were free! Looks like your exterminators have their hands full! Not a job for me!!! Didn’t realize how many grasshoppers reside in the country! Nice shot!

  4. Yoda, I’m never going to be a Jedi Knight, these are just grasshoppers, storm troopers are much bigger and meaner.

    That’s so totally kewl, Tess.

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