Happy Birthday, Donna!

I ran into Donna at the Rockwall Farmer’s Market this summer and somehow the discussion turned to photography and I told her about the CWPC.  The timing was uncanny as she told me that her main photographic subject (her son) would be going off to college and she was in need of something to photograph.  Excitement ensued and she immediately joined the club and has been on many outings with the crazies and has been active in posting comments.

For those of you who know Donna, I do not have to tell you that she is a whole lot of fun and very talented besides.  She is into scrap booking and also made several of us photo necklaces using the photos we had taken.  We will be doing a feature story on her jewelry in a later post.  And now she is very much a “crazy woman” shooting everything in sight!

So today, we wish you a very Happy Birthday, Donna!

Happy Birthday Donna!

Happy Birthday Donna!



9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Donna!

  1. Happy birthday Donna. Hope you have a great day. So glad that you joined CWPC. We need to go on another outing with the crazy women again very soon!

  2. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes and Fay for such a fun picture!! Had a great day with family! Can’t wait to spend time with my CWPC family soon!

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