The Heard Nature Preserve

It was my hope that there would still be some color on the trees when I planned the outing to the Heard in McKinney and that we might have fun shooting the wetland area.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  The leaves were mostly brown and falling and the wetland area was dry as a bone and had vegetation growing where the water used to be.  But the point of this is… the crazy women have fun regardless and we still find things to shoot.  And remember… that is where Lorraine found her gorgeous thistle shot for the autumn challenge.  Sometimes you just have to look a bit more closely for your next shot.

December tends to be a busy month so this will be a good time to catch up on the crazy women’s activity, so let me share a few favorite shots from our trip to the Heard.

Kristen, Lorraine, Carol, Tess(Photo by Lala)

Kristen, Lorraine, Carol, Tess
(Photo by Lala)

I See You!(Photo by Lala)

I See You!
(Photo by Lala)

Tess Playing in the Leaves(Photo by Lorraine)

Tess Playing in the Leaves
(Photo by Lorraine)

As I was looking from a distance I thought I saw a squirrels’s nest high in the tree but as we got closer we discovered that it was definitely not a squirrel’s nest and the good news was… we didn’t see any activity around the nest!

It's definitely not a squirrel's nest!(Photo by Lala)

It’s definitely not a squirrel’s nest!
(Photo by Lala)

Lorraine… Living in the Moment
(Photo by Lala)

Watchya lookin' at Lala?(Photo by Tess)

Watchya lookin’ at Lala?
(Photo by Tess)

Hey Carol!(Photo by Lala)

Hey Carol!
(Photo by Lala)

This next photo was taken by Tess.  She just got a new lens, the Canon 100-400mm IS, and was giving it a work out and by the looks of this image and by her excitement, I think it is a keeper as the bird was a distance away!

Dove on Log(Photo by Tess)

Dove on Log
(Photo by Tess)

And once again, in search of a photo, Tess singled out this bit of prairie grass.

Prairie Grass(Photo by Tess)

Prairie Grass
(Photo by Tess)

Mockingbird(Photo by Tess)

(Photo by Tess)

When all else fails, portraits are always a possibility on our outings.  Use a shallow depth of field, and choose soft lighting.  In LR I did a bit of a dark vignette around the edges and was pleased with Tess’s portrait.

Tess(Photo by Lala)

(Photo by Lala)

This final photo from our outing came as a bit of a surprise as I put it up on the computer.  I was shooting Tess and she was shooting me, and Kristen was up to no good in the background.  Little did I know that my reflection was appearing in her lens!  CRAZY!

Gotchya!(Photo by Lala)

(Photo by Lala)


2 thoughts on “The Heard Nature Preserve

  1. That was sad that you can tell the marks of where the water used to be from the tree barks. Sad as it was the crazy wimmin still had a blast as always.
    Thank you Lala for showing us the place, hope someday the wetlands will be wet again.

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