Autumn Challenge Entry #7 Grackle and Pumpkins

As our last submission to the Autumn challenge, I submit a photo that I posted to Capture Dallas and had the good fortune of having it chosen to be published by the editors in the Dallas Morning News arts section of the Sunday paper.

We never know when a photo may change from minute to minute and so it was with this photo.

I was standing in the Pumpkin Village at the arboretum and there were little children running all over the place.  I had turned away from the activity to shoot some pumpkins near the hay bales when suddenly this grackle landed.  I took an immediate photo just in case he should fly away, but he hung around and ever so slowly I would take another step and zoomed in to obtain a pleasing composition, eliminating people in the photo, choosing a shallow depth of field in aperture priority to focus attention on the bird and the pumpkins… and this was the result.  Several photos later, the grackle took off.  Each photo I took varied slightly and I chose the best of the lot.

So… be ready for the unexpected in photography.  If that fleeting moment might suddenly disappear, capture a photo immediately and then continue to shoot to see if you might improve on the original image.  And remember… pixels are cheap.  Take more than one photo of the same subject and then when all is done… choose the best.

Thank you so much for your submissions to our challenge this month and for those of you who have not yet submitted any photos, why not join in the fun?  The best way to learn photography is to just get out there and do it.  It is amazing to me how the crazy women’s photography has improved over just a nine month period.  We are learning from each other and having a whole lot of fun doing it!

Grackle and Pumpkins(Photo by Fay/Lala)

Grackle and Pumpkins
(Photo by Fay/Lala)


6 thoughts on “Autumn Challenge Entry #7 Grackle and Pumpkins

  1. Fay,
    Perfect timing! This is one thing I need to work on. I often hesitate too long and miss the shot worrying about my settings. I like the way the bird is framed. Nice!!!

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