Abstract Challenge: Entry #2 Out of the Blue

This image is by Donna and this is what she had to say about the abstract challenge…
“Abstract made me go hummmmmmmmm….
I really enjoy our monthly challenges, they allow us to explore areas of photography I probably would not even consider shooting. Not sure I love shooting abstract pictures but I like how this turned out and this is what I came up with…. Out of the Blue'”

Out of the Blue
Abstract Image by Donna


11 thoughts on “Abstract Challenge: Entry #2 Out of the Blue

  1. So I must admit… I am a sucker for graffiti and murals. I think I like them because they catch you unaware and always seem to evoke some emotion. This mural looks like it goes on forever with lots of abstract painting in the background as well as writing over the images. I like it so much, yet cannot make out what it is saying and I suppose that is part of the intrigue.

    • Not really sure if this is a true abstract because I have been reading alot about abstracts and I need some tweaking on this photography skill! Thanks for the kind words! The image intrigued me too!

  2. Donna,

    I love your choice for abstract. This type of photography really intrigues me. I love the blue and that it goes on and on. Great job

    • Thanks Debbie, I wish I was at the Arboretum the other day! I heard you got a lesson in the abstract photo, I really need a lesson too, this has been quite a challenge for me!!

  3. Donna,
    I love the softness of this picture’s hue, yet the totality of it’s image is so interesting. I keep on trying to figure out what the words says but it’s beyond my reading capability which makes this picture more interesting.
    You did a very good job.

    • Well Tess, I think I cheated, I took the photo in Costa Rica and am pretty sure the words are in Spanish, so I couldn’t read them either!
      Thanks for your comment and hope to shoot with you crazies soon!

  4. It seems obvious that you have us crazy women stumped as to what the writing on the mural says! So in regards to this aspect of shooting abstract ….you aced it!!!! I liked how you framed it with the blue colored mural fading off underneath the blue sky. Like you…..I am not sure I like taking abstract images. Hopefully, as I take more pictures, I will see more opportunities to seek out and capture abstracts.

    • Thanks Lorraine very excited that you liked it! See my post to Tess pretty sure I’m stumped too, can’t speak or read Spanish! Miss shooting with you hope to see you soon!!

    • What a wonderful work of art you produced all the way down in Costa Rica! I hope your passport is ready for your next project!

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