Abstract Challenge: Entry #3 This Old Fence

Lorraine submitted this image and this is the story she would like to share…

“I took a trip to Wichita,KS to visit family.  My mother-in-law, whom is
in her 90’s, is doing well but is going to be making a move out of state
to live with her daughter.  I was going through the house inside and out
taking pictures so I could make a book she can keep with her of the
house she has lived in for about 40 years.

I then came across this fence leading up to the back porch and the
textures and scalloped top caught my eye.  I walked by this fence for
the the first time 35 years ago as I was nervously about to meet my new
boyfriend’s mom and dad.  I could not help but think about all the
memories this fence has seen over the years. I will miss this old fence
but know that it will soon receive a new coat of paint as a new family
will move in and create new memories for themselves and their back door

This Old Fence
Abstract Image by Lorraine


7 thoughts on “Abstract Challenge: Entry #3 This Old Fence

  1. What a beautiful story Lorraine! I can always count on you to make your photos so personal as you relate something more about your photo.

    I love all the peeling paint and the texture and it might be interesting to crop even more closely the center portion of the photo to show less of the actual fence and more of the rough texture with a couple scallops at the top to make it even more abstract. I do like the way the board leads your eye into the photo and your depth of field accentuates that.

    I will be so excited to see your book that you will be making for your mother-in-law. It will be so emotional when you give it to her and I’m sure she will cherish it!

  2. Lorraine,
    What a great idea for a photo book, I love it and so will she.
    The picture of the fence sure shows alot of detail and character. This abstract challenge has really made me start investigating the abstract image, I probably should have googled more info, not sure about how to really capture it or give you any suggestions. But, I think we need Fay for more instruction???
    I am in love with old things so this is a winner for me!

  3. Lorraine,
    I love the DOF of this picture. The distressed wood and naturally peeling paint integrated it’s beauty. The story behind this fence made it more appealing.
    Thank you for sharing this picture and the story that comes with it. Your mother in law will love the book that you are going to make. Behind your “certified crazy woman” character, echoes a true beauty.

  4. Lorraine,

    I know changes are hard after so many years but I know your book will help and the memories will be there for her to look back on. The fence is a great idea. As you know I am very new to photography so I really couldn’t give you ideas but I agree we Fay and everyone else. Great job

  5. Fay,Donna,Vickie,Tess and Debbie,

    Thank you for your comments and suggestions!

    With various searches in trying to learn more about abstract photography, I found that there are many types of abstract photography. As if abstract photography isn’t already difficult enough for me! To be honest, this challenge has shown me that I seem to enjoy more the pursuit of abstract images where the object is more recognizable. However, I really do enjoy looking at others’ abstracts and trying to figure out what the images are. I just have a hard time getting into the taking of the images myself.

    With all you crazy women out there doing a great job with taking them, I can always appreciate and really enjoy all your works of art! Being so new at photography, whom knows, you may all rub off on me and that type of abstract may become one of my favorite’s to pursue.

    I always learn so much from these challenges!

  6. Loraine, you captured the character of the place with just one section of fence. The texture of the wood and peeling paint tell the whole story. I’d love to see the book you make for your Mother- in- law. What a nice thing you’re doing for her. I’m sure she will treasure it and the memories it brings to her.

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