Abstract Challenge: Entry #1 Cosmos in My Room

This month’s challenge was to shoot an abstract image.  This was an exercise in seeing differently and we will surely revisit this subject again in the future.

An abstract image deals with pattern, color and textures and may involve shooting at a different angle to give a different view.   And it is definitely a challenge as many of you have found out.  You must look beyond the obvious even though you may be shooting a very common everyday object.  I personally like an abstract image that grabs my attention and makes me say… “I like it, but what is it?”

This week a group of the crazy women visited the arboretum and as you know, it is a favorite place for us to shoot as there is such variety in a lovely setting.  We arrived early to get a parking place as the 50,000 pumpkins as well as the Chihuly exhibit is a big draw.  It was cloudy and cool in the morning and the light saturated the colors.  We started our day talking about abstract images and trying to find examples.  I looked down at the stone path with broken pieces of stone and  pebbles, bent over and shot it.  A simple abstract image.  And all of a sudden Debbie had a “light bulb moment”.   She suddenly got the concept, and the next thing we knew she was wandering off in search of more abstract images.  As a matter of fact, we almost lost her on one occasion.  As she was shooting abstracts, her excitement was infectious… in a good way.  She has now earned her new nickname… “Abstract”!

Our first image for this challenge is by our virtual friend/member, Lily, and it is a beauty!  I would not expect less from her as she has a very artistic eye.

“This is a macro shot of oil in water. The glass bowl stands on a colorful background creating an abstract picture.   You need to focus your camera on some of the bubbles and play with the lights around the bowl.”

Should you have any questions about how to do this, I am sure that Lily would be more than happy to help us learn.

“Cosmos in My Room”
Abstract Image by Lily


12 thoughts on “Abstract Challenge: Entry #1 Cosmos in My Room

  1. Lily… your image just blew me away when I opened it on the computer.
    It is bright with intense colors, and indeed looks like something out of this world. My eyes wander from one sphere to another and then the red arc draws me back again. A work of art, imo. I could see that framed on a stark white wall. What a show stopper!

  2. Love it!! Love the colors…my favorite parts are the yellow sun looking part and the right side with the red and blue circles…makes me smile!!

  3. Lily,
    This is a true work of art. You are very talented. I love this breathtaking picture. Thank you for sharing the product of your talent to us. It is appreciated.

  4. Lily,
    The colors are so vivid. I love the blue, yellow and red. So far I think abstract is my favorite but I’m sure I will have more in the future. Great job and welcome to CWPC

  5. I concur with the rest of the Crazys, this is beautiful. Great challenge for us to learn about abstracts! So here it goes…can you explain…is this oil and water in a bowl, cup etc…, what did you use for the background the different colors are so vivid? Thanks for sharing!

  6. Lily,
    Such vivid colors!! In looking at it in more detail, I noticed it looks like there are little yellow flowers inside some of the bubbles around the big yellow bubble in the center. I also see the same little flower looking image in the bubbles in the left bottom corner. Like Donna, I am curious to know more about the background and lighting. I also am curious about those little flower images? Thanks for sharing this wonderful artistic image!!

  7. Hi, “crazy” ladies!
    It was a rainy evening, nothing to watch on TV and I was bored. I have read about the oil in water photography before, but never tried it, so that evening I decided to experiment.
    So, here we go from the beginning…
    I have a glass-top coffee table. Wiped it with Windex 🙂 Put a glass flat bottom dish on the table with about 1” of water. With an eyedropper, I put few drops of OLIVE oil into the water. I started with just few drops and then added more. I put my colorful scarf under the glass of a coffee table. Put 2 desk lamps on the floor on both sides of the table. I did not use a tripod, but perhaps I should. Put ISO about 2000, WB to light bulb, F/8 and shot on Aperture Priority. Try to focus on 1-2 bubbles, not all of them. About the flowers. Yes, there was a flower design of my hair clip that I put on a scarf. You actually can use anything for a background. The brighter – the better. Try it. It is not that difficult and a lot of fun. Oh, one more thing – use olive oil. I tried first to use soybean oil, but it did not hold the bubble.
    Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments and the warm encouragement.
    More questions – Just ask me 🙂

    • Lily,
      Thank you so much for sharing all the details of your wonderful photo art. Sooo, that is were those yellow flowers I saw were coming from! They seem to just to find their correct spot inside those bubbles!! Again, I appreciate you sharing with us and enjoy learning all I can.

    • The amazing part is… that you do not have to go anywhere to take such a remarkable photo. I tried a similar experiment in the past using a piece of wrapping paper but the colors were not very bright and I was less than pleased with the result and I think the added lights must have helped a great deal too. Perhaps in the future we should all try this as a monthly challenge to see what we get.

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