Introduction to the August Challenge: Land of the Lilliputians

In the interest of staying out of the heat, I have another indoor or it may be an outdoor challenge… whichever you choose. This one should be fun and you might have to get some help from your kids or the neighbor’s kid next door to pull this off. You will be entering the Land of the Lilliputians.

I want you to find one or several action figures or little people and put them in a scenario of your choosing. I personally don’t have any, so I will have to check out the stash of my grandchildren to see what I can find. If you don’t have any little kids to mooch off of, you can always go to the store to find something of interest or maybe even hit a few yard sales.

Now I want you to take your action figure/figures and make him/her/them the star of your image. If you have a macro lens or a close up lens, then get in close. If you do not… just find a larger action figure. You can also zoom in on your subject. Play around with it and see what works.

Now… here is an example… you could put a little boat along with your action figure in a puddle of water on the sidewalk or street (please do not get run over doing this… and this especially applies to Lorraine!)… and then, shoot it. Or you could have your little people at the beach…or climbing up rocks… ok, itty bitty rocks… not really a mountain of rocks. Play around with what
you have. Try to imagine the scenario and tap the minds of those little kids you borrowed from. It is amazing how creative they can be. You might incorporate food into your scenic depiction. Just be crazy and let your imagination wander! Shoot more than one and pick the best to enter. Maybe let the kids choose their favorite!

To get some ideas… be sure to check out these sites for inspiration:

The previous post using some of my little people came about totally by surprise as I was wandering around White Rock Lake looking for some photo ops. I had taken my little people along, just in case, but I was not feeling very inspired until I came across the globe imbedded in a section of concrete with the little dog standing nearby as I was seeking some “free advice”! You just can’t make these things up! This just proves that you never know where your next photo op may come from and I have the feeling I will be taking my little people along with me more frequently just in case I run into an interesting possibility.


6 thoughts on “Introduction to the August Challenge: Land of the Lilliputians

  1. I actually like this idea although I don’t have any children or nephews to borrow some little people. I bought mine. I just feel sorry for you Lala that your little people cost you more than a hundred dollars for some crazy reason. LOL. Sorry for that.

    • OK… so what are friends for if not to once in a while rub salt into a wound! So Tess has let you all know that I have bought the most expensive “little people” out there… and I actually have grandchildren! Stay tuned… the story will come a bit later.

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