August Challenge: Land of the Lilliputians… Entry #1 Chocolate!

I must prepare you for this entry and this is why.
I actually received the entry way ahead of time! How could that possibly be?
I did not know it was an entry at first because all crazy women are procrastinators, or so I thought. I started reading my e-mail from Robin and initially none of what I was reading was making any sense at all until I got to her attached photo and then I had to go back and reread what she had written and at that point I was LMAO!
Lorraine… beware!!! I think you have met your match!

So let me share this provocative story with you from our own Robin…
you know, “the other” Robin.


“This is an 88% chocolate experience. See the chocolate fly?
As the hammer man chisels away, see how he gives me the most delicious chocolate experience? His muscles bulge, sweat splays. The noise – bangbangbang. The flying flakes of delicious, near pure chocolate CHOCOLATE. Eighty eight percent. Pure!

His name is Galand. Galand the Hammer.

Roger is carting away the smaller pieces in his wheelbarrow. I love those.
Clancy uses his two-wheel dolly to bring me the larger chunks. I like them better.
Niles is hammering away over there, but doesn’t seem to deliver the level of chocolate I require (he’s a slacker). Poor Niles.

But Clancey. Roger. Certainly not Niles.
And even… Galand. No, they don’t compare.
Not, with, Org. Not with that beautiful, gorgeous, omigosh fabulous, blond, troll of a man with the simple shovel. O Mi Gosh, this tremendous, huge, handsome GOD of muscle and brawn. Reminds me so of the Orc’s, of Tolkien fame. I always thought, they are – HOT! Org could turn his plastic neck, lock his unpainted eyes on mine, and we would be off to one thousand one Arabian nights. Take me to the qasbah my Nordic lord.

Of course, they know. I’m watching… ”

Chocolate! (Photo by Robin W.)

(Photo by Robin W.)

And I leave you with this J.R.R. Tolkien quote:
“Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.”


16 thoughts on “August Challenge: Land of the Lilliputians… Entry #1 Chocolate!

  1. O-mi-Gosh! This is soooooo hilariously goooooood. I love the story that goes with the picture. Who does not want 88% pure chocolate with some muscle man?
    Robin…. You are great!

  2. Robin… Your entry totally blew me away. Everything is perfect! And to think that some of your little men you reported as being broken on delivery to you! They are looking good here!

    Your story is hysterical and your photo is such fun! You have a zany sense of humor and I’m sure it will send the crazies into fits of laughter!

  3. Astronomically delightful!! THIS is a million dollar piece of work, period. I should have asked this before now but where does one get all those little people? Can you reveal how you got the flying flakes?

  4. Me again. So much eye candy! I like the shadow on dolly man. Nice touch of tread and traffic marks on the dolly and wheel barrow path. I’m guessing the “flying flakes” are actually stuck to the wrapper. So great work, Robin!

  5. Robin,
    Excellent!!! Such great detail put together in a wonderful still life of chocolate!!! The chocolate against the white background looks really nice. I love the chocolate smear and sprinkles! Quite a working crew you have there! I wonder if they are hiring??? Very creative story to go with such a fun and wonderful image!!!!!

  6. This is hilarious and so imaginative! I think Rebekah might have meant “gastronomically” delightful. Anyway, Robin this is very resourceful of you and I love the story you wrote to go with it. I too would like to know, where do you get those little people from? Well done Robin!

  7. Thank you, everyone.

    A friend – he’s my age, not 12 – has model trains, and that made me think to google train stores. The little people are HO size, which I think refers to the gauge of the tracks. I’ll not do that again, they are under one inch tall, and terribly difficult to work with. That also makes them extremely fragile, several arrived broken. The wheelbarrow and arms were detached from the body, for example. I tried repairing with hot glue, but ended up having to tack them back together with a pin heated with a candle. Very tiny work!

    This was all so tiny that I shot it on an 8.5×11 piece of printer paper. I curved it up to create the backdrop, and was able to get some flakes to stick to the curved up section, making the flakes appear to be flying from Galand’s jack hammer.

    The reading glasses in the foreground was one of those happy accidents. I didn’t intend it, but liked it when it appeared.

    The chocolate is Endangered Species, and no chocolate was wasted in shooting this image.

    • You have gone above and beyond to capture this delicious and provocative entry! And what a relief to know that no chocolate was wasted in shooting the image! Spoken like a Crazy Woman!

  8. What is not to love about your photo?? Men…chocolate..great story…
    I am so enjoying looking at the creativity. I just could not break my mental block on this challenge and just never one done. I am so jealous of those of you who have this great imagination piece!!

    • I love that – ‘what’s not to love … men … chocolate”. If the guys were only a little taller…

  9. Fay, this is a really wonderful food photograph. Love the story. All the figures seems so perfectly arranged. Hats off to the photographer. Just wish the distracting mirror was out of the frame.

    Love the mud trails, I mean chocolate trails by the workers pushing their various equipments.

    Have a nice day, Robin & Fay. 🙂

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