April Challenge: Lines… Entry #1 Silo Spur

A month before our monthly challenge is due, I announce the topic by e-mail to all the crazy women. Some challeenges are easier than others but the object is two-fold… to get you out shooting something that you might not otherwise shoot and to give you an assignment to perhaps see differently.
And so it is with this month’s challenge of “Lines”.

Lines in a photograph can lead your eye into the photo but they can also lead your eye out. There can be lines that are more tranquil and others that are more frenetic. I personally love diagonal lines in photos. In preparation for this challenge, I referred everyone to this article:
Working the Lines in Your Photography…
This is also listed on the right side of the blog under “Helpful Links”.

So let’s start with a story and a photo from Lorraine. We’ve gotten to know Lorraine’s style. She never gives less than 110% in finding her subject and taking the shot! Go for it Lorraine…

My story:
“When Fay mentioned that this assignment would be a “bit of a challenge”, I knew I had my work cut out for me!

Since I have a fascination with trains and railroad tracks, I decided to go this direction with photographing lines. I used google maps to follow railroad tracks near me to a place that looked like it had potential. I noticed that the tracks went through an interesting looking area of Royse City and it looked like I could find easy access to these tracks.

After arriving in Royse City and looking around a while, I came across a spot that I felt would work well. My goal was to use the tracks to lead
the viewer’s eyes to the silos. It was mid afternoon and the sun was pretty harsh but I managed to work with it. I took multiple shots and went back towards the car when I realized I probably didn’t have my lens stopped down enough to get the greater depth of field I needed. So back up on the tracks I went and paid closer attention to my aperture and shutter speed. I didn’t use a tripod as it would have been a little difficult for me to manage this on the tracks. So I tried to closely watch my settings and, last but not least, watch for oncoming trains!”

And to all you crazy women… please remember this…
no photo is worth getting run over by a train!
Always be safe, and then get your shot!

Silo Spur (Photo by Lorraine)

Silo Spur
(Photo by Lorraine)


10 thoughts on “April Challenge: Lines… Entry #1 Silo Spur

  1. OK Lorraine… you have wowed me again! What can I say?
    You have researched your topic and have given us a dramatic view of those train tracks arcing into the silos as well as off into the distance. Your exposure and depth of field are spot on and I love that you shot this from a low angle. This image draws the viewer in. You have curved lines, straight lines as well as lines above the silo.
    Excellent job “crazy woman”!

  2. Lorraine,

    With each challenge I always look forward to your photos because I know we will see a great photo. I love this photo with the silos and different lines. Awesome job

  3. Lorraine,
    Are you sure you are not a photographer in your previous life? You really have the eye to see things and capture it so beautifully.

    The railroad tracks are magnificent enough and the silo is a bonus.

    You aced it again.

    • Tess,
      Thank you so much! No…I am just a crazy woman and have always been one! I appreciate your comments and support.

  4. Great photo, you really put a nice shot together to include the silos.
    I only thought of the lines!
    Like Debbie I look forward to what you are going to turn in for each challenge!

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