April Challenge: Lines… Entry #2 Gateway to Springtime

This next submission is from a new member to the club… Diana.
Look under “bios” to meet Diana!

Her e-mail started out “My first submission!”.
Needless to say I was thrilled to get her entry and intrigued by her title so I clicked on the link to her photo, but what came up was a photo that totally had a green tint to it. Now even though I was not there when she shot this, I knew that the colors were skewed for whatever reason. Was it from manipulation, or wrong white balance in the camera? I didn’t know, so I took her photo into Lightroom and with the adjustment of just a couple sliders, I color corrected the photo close to what I surmised would be more natural.

My next step was to e-mail the corrected image back to her to see if she might know what happened, and this is what she said… “something changed from one computer to the other. I know I was tweeking it on my laptop, but the color adjustments were obviously not good”. I also asked if I might post both images as a learning tool on the blog and she graciously said that would be OK.

So Diana… thanks for your involvement in the club and letting us all learn from this experience. This is what the club is all about. Women helping women to learn the ins and outs of photography. I think we have all had images where the color did not measure up for whatever reason but with digital, we can try to make corrections as needed.

And now… about the photo:

“I actually took this shot while I was in Atlanta over the weekend for a conference. It is of one of the gates into Centennial Olympic Park across from the CNN Center. I just liked the beautiful greenery and the abundant blooming flowers, and the gate and lamp post, but then realized that there are abundant lines as well!!! There are lines of the gate, both horizontal and vertical, as well as the various diagonal lines of the sidewalk blocks. I am calling it the Gateway to Springtime.”

First… let’s look at the photo with the skewed coloration:

Gateway to Springtime (Photo by Diana)

Gateway to Springtime
(Photo by Diana)

Here is the photo with the color correction:

Gateway to Springtime -with color correction- (Photo by Diana)

Gateway to Springtime
-with color correction-
(Photo by Diana)

I personally think there are many lines here… the strong vertical lines of the fence which might stop you from going in, highlighted by the vertical lamp post, but then the open gate and the pathway leads you into the garden. This is beautifully composed and certainly illustrates how lines can be a very important part of your image.

Well done Diana! So great to have you in the club… you crazy woman!


8 thoughts on “April Challenge: Lines… Entry #2 Gateway to Springtime

  1. That was an OOPS! Thanks to Lorraine, she caught my error when by mistake I wrote “Robin” in several places in this original entry rather than “Diana”. Lorraine, I appreciate your keeping an eye on me. Most of the time it is Tess who gives me a heads-up. I must have had Robin on my mind as she was our most recent member to join. My apologies to all…

    Just another crazy woman!

  2. Diana,
    The first time I see the picture, for some reason I thought this is the gate to your palace. LOL.

    This is so beautiful. Love your title that suits to the beautiful greenery and colorful flowers.

    Kudos as usual to Lala for fixing the color. I still don’t understand how to fix the white balance in my camera.

    Good job Diana.

  3. Diana,
    What a nice first time submission! I like how the black fence draws you towards the walkway and then the path goes off at an angle leading you into the colorful garden. Welcome to the CWPC!

  4. Nice interpretation of multiple types of lines Diana!
    Great entry looks like a beautiful park!

    Thanks for the education Fay, I still look at the pics that need adjustment and am not really sure how to adjust until I start playing, always a great learning experience.

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