We interrupt chasing butterflies for…


Quite frankly, I had no idea until I had this surprise entry hit my e-mail from one of the most esteemed members of the CWPC Men’s Auxillary, John Winter, husband of “Crazy Woman” Lynda. And what a surprise to find “yours truly” as a part of his article.

Do check out John’s blog… http://www.johnwinter.net/jw/2013/03/the-metal-detecting-diva-and-a-couple-of-crazy-women/
If you have a chance, I am sure he would appreciate some comments from the crazies on this side of the pond!

And check out the metal detecting diva’s blog… http://detectingdiva.com/
Great to see Allyson take on women in the hobby of metal detecting! There are definitely other crazy women out there following their passions and I welcome Allyson as she follows along with our blog.

So… hooray for women! This is our day! Now go make the most of it!
Do what makes you happy and share the love…

Thank you John for honoring all the crazy women out there!


4 thoughts on “We interrupt chasing butterflies for…

  1. You have to understand that John will honor any woman, no matter the day, the circumstances, or the situation. If she wears
    a skirt he will be there.

  2. Thanks to Donna for leaving a comment on my blog. It was appreciated.
    Note to the Crazy Gal Gaffer … isn’t it time to take Dick back to the Care Home? Surely he’s due for his nap by now … that comment must have exhausted him. 🙂

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