Red Challenge… entry #5

When I learned the challenge was to shoot something Red, I got excited
as Red is my favorite color.

Shooting an image of a fire truck was the first thing that came to my
mind.   I had my subject, but the more difficult task for me was to go
about actually getting access to one.   At some point, I happened to
remember a conversation I had overheard regarding Robin, a day shift ICU
nurse, talking about her husband who was a fire fighter.    I am kind of
a shy person when it comes to asking someone to go out of their way to
do something for me.   It wasn’t easy but I approached Robin about it
and she and her husband Casey were really wonderful about it. He
offered to drive the engine to a location where I felt I could get a decent photo.

We went to the first location and I realized it wouldn’t work with the
the angle of the sun and background.  Casey mentioned a golf course
nearby and off we went.    It ended up being a great spot.  The angle of
the sun was just right.  The background was what I wanted….tree lines
and even a pond in the background!

Robin and Casey were so accommodating and patient and let me shoot
away!   I am so thankful to them for allowing me to get this experience.

With shooting the fire truck…I ran into some underexposures due to the
reflective strips and a lot of chrome!!!!  I ended up going totally
manual and slowed down my shutter speed to help with this. The only
problem was that I kept forgetting to check the meter!!!  I shot a
variety of focal lengths and the wide angle shot appealed to me.   It
was definitely a learning experience!!!

(Photo by Lorraine)


16 thoughts on “Red Challenge… entry #5

  1. Lorraine… I have never known anyone to work harder than you to get the shot! First… the rose and now the fire truck! I love to read of your adventures to get the shot! Definitely worthy of a gold star!

    I like the angle of this photo and it is in good focus, but I wonder if you might have tried some close-up shots of different parts of the truck? I picture maybe the word “fire” with the bright red background or the red light on the side of the front bumper surrounded by the textured silver. Just a thought.

    • Thanks for your comments. You have also prompted me to go back and look at some of the other images I took that were not of the whole truck. I think I may find some additional good images from that day.

    • Ohh…so that was the call that came in on his radio!!! I wasn’t done yet so I just kept asking him for one more shot… more shot… more shot!!!!! I am glad you like the photo….sorry about your house!

  2. Lorraine,

    I totally agree with Fay on how you go to extra lengths for your photos. That challenges me to work harder next time and find some extraordinary. I love you picture. It’s perfect . I am so glad we are a part of CWPC together

  3. Lorraine WOW I thought the flower journey was a good one, you certainly are committed no doubt! I love the effort and the angle of your shot! Did you try cropping it a little closer at all, I think that may be intresting too!

    • Thanks for your comments. I played around with the cropping and this seemed to be the best. I also took some shots of various parts of the truck…instrument panels, etc. but for some reason this image of the whole truck just really appealed to me. As you know…. Its hard to decide sometimes which image to use when we have to narrow it down to one!!! On the positve….I guess it makes us think harder about our images which is a good thing!

  4. No pun intended…honestly, but that is a beautifully lit truck.
    It may be hot over there at times (like all times) but you do have some very good light for your fotos.
    Harsh sunlight can produce shadows but you got around that very well.
    Nice foto Lorraine.

    • John,
      Thanks for your compliments I took this shot around 9:00 am so I was able to avoid the harsh sunlight. Yes…this Texas heat can be brutal in more than one way!!!

  5. Lorraine,
    I salute you for all the effort and dedication that you did. You really are the “certified” one.

    It’s marvelous on how you improve so much in your photography in such a short period of time. Pretty soon you will look back at your photos and you will critique your own photos then you will notice your progress, which will lead you to more learning by not doing it the same way as your did before. Learning from experience is the best teacher.

    This picture is beautiful. It’s a good payoff for all of your efforts. The clarity of the picture is perfect. I just wonder how it looks if you have had the fireman opened the truck’s alarms lights on or have Robin’s husband used his fireman suit and pull the hose minus the water for safety to add more color to the picture. You already asked for a favor why not maximize it…LOL.

    Now my real comment is, next time please ask the fireman to always listen to the 911 call before another house is burned to the grown. My apologies to Mr. disc440 for his burned house due to a crazy woman’s effort towards perfection.

    • Tess,
      Thanks for your compliments! I do have some pictures of the firefighter and his gear. I really like your idea of the action shot of the firefighter pulling the hose out. If I would have let him respond to the call, I could of gotten an action shot of the fireman and his truck in front of disc440’s house as it went up in flames.

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