Red Challenge… entry #6

Hmmm… so where do I begin? Melanie sent me two photos for the red competition. Does she not know that I can’t even pick out a dozen doughnuts? Decisions, decisions!

So this was my dilemma… one was a close-up of a red mug but I think what happened was, she was too close with her camera and because of this was unable to get anything in focus which made me clean my glasses just to be sure.  Or perhaps it was visualized on the small screen of a camera and thought to be in focus.  There is a lesson to be learned here. All lenses will have a range of focus… get too close and you will lose that focus.  You must work within your lense capabilities and if that doesn’t work, it may be time to invest in a macro lense.

The second photo is the one I am presenting here. Her comment to me was that she was thinking about the challenge when she looked over at the fireplace and saw her red mug setting there and decided to shoot it.

(Photo by Melanie)

On second thought… let me also post the photo of her mug and let you be the judge.

(Photo by Melanie)

 And here is the rest of the story… after transferring this image to Lightroom, I was able to see that it was taken at an ISO 400,  at 49.7mm with a shutter speed of one second.  So with this information, I surmise that it is virtually impossible to hand-hold this for one second and get a sharp image without using a tripod or setting the camera on a stable surface.  The least bit of movement will show blur.  If unable to do that, then try using flash to get more light on the subject so you can use a faster shutter speed.  Easier yet… take the mug to a bright location and re-shoot it.  You can also increase your ISO if you have that capability on your camera.

It is all about light and there is a fine balancing act between all of your settings to get the optimum image.  It is important to know at what point you cannot hand-hold a shot.  And perhaps that is why photography can at times be so frustrating until we grasp this understanding and know how to work with the numbers.

Thanks Melanie for your entries and I think we can all learn a lot by reviewing this information!


4 thoughts on “Red Challenge… entry #6

  1. Mel great idea for a red shot! I say reshoot it and see if you can accomplish a clear shot doing what Fay suggests and submit a new photo! I love the close up! We are bound to get better with Fay’s help!!

  2. Melanie,
    I like the red mug idea. I am glad that you shared this image with us even though its not in focus as sometimes seeing images that need some work are great learning experiences for the rest of us!!!! My husband thought that this would be a really great shot if it was in focus as you can see the interesting relections in the mug. In regards on how to improve this photo….I am going to have to leave it up to Fay. Also, Fay mentioned a tri-pod. if you don’t own one…..maybe this would be a good excuse to get one! (Ha Ha)

  3. Melanie,
    As what the others suggested, I agree with all of them.
    Being out of focus is always a problem. Sometimes it could be frustrating. I always call Lala whenever I encounter this kind of problem. I hope she is not tired of all my questions. But I know she is so willing to answer all of our questions. I remember one time when I was already up to the max of my frustration with the inability to focus… She answered me “don’t feel bad Tess cause I been out of focus for years”. It made me feel better, cause it happens to the greats too.
    Another thing probably about your picture is you were running out of time to try to look for a red subject and you just shoot whatever red you found. I know that you are so busy with work, church and all, but next time just put some extra effort for the challenge. Thanks for the for sharing your red photo challenge. All ideas, comments, sharing of pictures and critiquing are important towards our photography improvement and overall to the success of our club.

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