Thank you Marylin!

Marylin (Photo by Fay-la-la)

(Photo by Fay-la-la)

A special thank you to Marylin for setting up the opportunity for us to go shoot at the Blackland Prairie Raptor Center in celebration of their 10th year anniversary.  Marylin volunteers at Lake Lavon and through this association, she invited us to shoot as volunteers for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  By so doing, some of our photos may be featured on either their website or brochures.  What a unique opportunity!

Rebekah, Marylin and I arrived about 30 minutes before the event kicked off and also got to meet Jeremy, another photographer who shoots for the BPRC.  He gave us a heads up as to what would be happening and then from there we fanned out in different directions to capture as much as we could from different perspectives.  It was a fun challenge and I thought I would share some of our favorite photos with you.

And as you know, Marylin is the techy one in the group and she has some great suggestions for the club that we will be implementing in the coming months.  She has suggested that we start using Dropbox to save our photos “in the cloud” for easy access as well as sharing.  (“Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere. Any file you save to your Dropbox will also automatically save to all your computers, phones, and even the Dropbox website. This means that you can start working on your computer at school or the office, and finish on your home computer.”) As with all things, there is a learning curve to using it.”)  There will be more information on that in an upcoming e-mail.

Hopefully, Marylin may find more shooting opportunities for us in the future, and I do thank her for thinking of our group in this most recent venture.  So let me share some of our favorite photos with you.  Click on each photo to see larger.

Here are some from Rebekah:

And some from Marylin:

And some from myself:


Congratulations are in Order…

Congratulations to Tess for getting Photo of the Day today on Capture Dallas for her Blood Moon shot!

Also… I picked up the Dallas Morning News today to see rebeKah’s smiling face as well as her piggy photo that won week 2 for the State Fair of Texas Photo Contest.

Pigs in a Bucket (Photo by Rebekah)

Pigs in a Bucket
(Photo by Rebekah)

There are lots of ways to play with your photos on the web and I encourage you to give it a go! Both Robin W. and Liz have had numerous photos of the day on Capture Dallas also! It is not only fun but develops your eye and you meet a lot of nice people along the way!

To post to Capture Dallas:

To enter the State Fair of Texas Photo Contest:

Now go have fun with your photos!

Blood Moon by Tess

Thanks to everyone who submitted a landscape photo!

I need to share with you the photo that Tess sent my way. I had actually considered getting up early and trying to shoot the moon but I gave up that thought as I was more comfortable curled up in my bed. Now we know Tess is crazy and she crawled out of her warm bed to shoot it!

“Despite my crazy busy schedule, I was able to wake up at three in the morning to take these pictures. The cloud was so thick though after the last image.”

Tess… you put us all to shame!

Blood Moon (Photo by Tess)

Blood Moon
(Photo by Tess)

September Challenge: Landscape… Entry #10 Lake Ray Hubbard

I am going to “do a Tess” as I took two photos at Lake Ray Hubbard in the past and they are both very different from each other.

The first photo was taken the day after Christmas. It was very cold with snow on the ground and the wind was whipping around. I wanted to take some photos, so I headed to the lake. When I arrived I found smoke billowing up from a place across the lake. I got a few shots and then headed towards my car to get out of the wind and just about that time, I see another crazy woman with a camera in her hands coming towards me. We started to chat and I found out she was visiting her family in Plano but she was actually from Florida. So we introduced ourselves and promised to keep in touch… and that was how I met Marylin, our techy guru in the club!

Lake Ray Hubbard in Winter (Photo by Fay-la-la)

Lake Ray Hubbard in Winter
(Photo by Fay-la-la)

This next shot of Lake Ray Hubbard I liked because it feels so tranquil even though you can see I-30 with traffic off in the distance.
Lake Ray Hubbard (Photo by Fay-la-la)

Lake Ray Hubbard
(Photo by Fay-la-la)

September Challenge: Landscape… Entry #8 Hay Bales

Robin W. (the other Robin) sends us this next image…

“I made this image somewhere around Ennis or Palmer, probably a bit north or north east of there. I like it for several reasons.
First, the fence almost creates that ‘rule of thirds’ horizontal divide. Next, the sky and cloud area are well defined and saturated. My favorite, though, is that the cloud overhead was moving away from me into the hay field. The foreground third is brightly lit, the two bales nearest are highlighted but the shade begins there, and the rest is progressively in shadow. The trees, mostly shadowed, give a darker backdrop to the hay bale field.

I admit to rushing to get those elements because I realized I had almost no time at all to make the image. I forgot to keep the camera level (probably my worst photographic downfall, and there are many). I straightened the image a little in post processing. I added a little highlight to the tops of the two nearest bales, and increased the blue of the sky.

Settings were 1/500th, f/8, and 70mm (105mm equivalent). I wish I’d had a smaller aperture (wonder if f/14 would have worked) but I had no time to “think and fiddle”, just shoot with what was there.”

Hay Bales (Photo by Robin W.)

Hay Bales
(Photo by Robin W.)

September Challenge: Landscape… Entry #7 Summer in the Sandias

I am sorry this is late but I just got my new hard drive with photos back from the computer guy.  And those of you who were very prompt in sending your landscape submissions ended up on the damaged hard drive but I am hoping we are back in working order once again!

This photo is from Linda and I love how she has captured something in the foreground to set off the mountains in the distance.

Summer in the Sandias (Photo by Linda)

Summer in the Sandias
(Photo by Linda)