April Challenge: Earth Day… Entry #2 Caribbean Shelf

Well, for a minute I thought perhaps Lee had gotten into very high-flying drone photography but rest assured, she has not ventured into that, as yet!

I apologize for the late entry of these photos but I was in an area of spotty internet and could not get these posted as soon as I had wished.

So… this is from Lee:
“Here’s my image for Earth Day. I took it with my iPhone5 from the plane at 36,000 feet on our flight from Miami to Curacao. I think this is the underwater shelf near the Bahamas….it was so amazing to see it with the darker deep water next to it and the clouds off in the distance. I think it represents all that is grace and beauty on our Blue Planet. It’s also an area of the world many of us will never see in person. I was hoping to see it again when we flew back but was on the wrong side of the plane.”

Caribbean Shelf (Photo by Lee)

Caribbean Shelf
(Photo by Lee)


Happy Birthday Melanie!

Just wanted to wish Mel a very happy birthday! Hope it was a good day for you!
PhotoFunia-1430785280 Melanie


To kick off our Earth Day celebration, I will post a photo that I had taken when the water level at Lake Ray Hubbard was extremely low. Normally the water would be up to and covering part of the rocks. This photo was taken in November of 2014 and at that time the water level was 10.18 feet below it’s normal state. At the present time the water level is down 4.54 feet from it’s normal level thanks to the recent rains we have had.

Regardless of the fact that the levels are improving, it is no time, in my opinion, to relax water conservation. Water is a precious commodity and whether we get our water from Lake Ray Hubbard, Lake Lavon or wherever, we should keep conservation in mind. We take water for granted until we do not have it. We grow lush green lawns and plants that require huge amounts of water to survive in the heat of the summer and we fill our pools with water. Sadly, we waste water on a daily basis. We seriously need to rethink these strategies and save where we can. In the southwest, water will be an ongoing issue.

Make every day Earth Day and do what you can to reuse, recycle, and care for our planet Earth.

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” —Jane Goodall

Photo by Fay-la-la

Photo by Fay-la-la

On researching Earth Day, I discovered that this is the flag to represent Earth Day. Too bad it is not flown by all countries! It certainly deserves respect by all people! We are in this together.

March Challenge: Landscape… Entry #10 “One Way”… Three Ways

Watch out Tess… here comes Marylin with THREE photos and I post them all
as it is an interesting entry about editing.

“Two months ago, I was walking around Lavon Lake on the way back to my trailer. I
noticed that the sun was hitting the trailer perfectly right before setting.
It is that time of the day when everything looks wonderful because the
light is just perfectŠ, in my opinion.

I did not have any of my cameras with me and I wanted to capture the moment.
Then, I realized that I did have a camera with me. My iPhone 6 Plus! I
pulled it out of my pocket and took the shot from where I was standing. I
even liked the One Way sign pointing to my trailer.

Later that night, I began to play with the picture. It looked just OK in
color. It was a JPG and not a RAW format, so to me, it was not a Lightroom
³tweaking² photo. I did use Lightroom to convert it to a TIFF format. I was
just given a free MacPhun software for Macintosh to review. It is called
Intensify Pro and it requires a TIFF format. I liked the black and white
effects that it gave to the sky. Then, I noticed that I had also captured a
piece of the moon. I saved it in black and white even though Intensify Pro
is mainly used for color pictures to bring out colors and details.

Afterwards, I experimented with another MacPhun software called Tonality. It
is a black and white photography software that I had not used much. I used
Tonality to compare it to the Intensify Pro and to include the comparison in
my review. I also saved the photo using Tonality. I am sending all 3
pictures. I have an issue with choosing a picture that looks better than
another. And, I just love to play around with new and FREE software.” 🙂

One Way Color (Photo by Marylin)

One Way Color
(Photo by Marylin)

One Way Tonality (Photo by Marylin)

One Way Tonality
(Photo by Marylin)

One Way Intensify (Photo by Marylin)

One Way Intensify
(Photo by Marylin)

March Challenge: Landscape… Entry #9 White Rock Lake

OK… now I have to tell you, Kinnie was about having a fit being that I suggested a landscape this time of year. She was whining about it, but somehow I knew she would pull it off!
So… here is her story, and what a story it is!

“This was taken at White Rock Lake. I know some of you may say that the stick in the water needs to be taken out, but I liked it, so that is why I didn’t remove it.

I went to White Rock Lake to get a “landscape ” shot and I started speaking with a man taking pictures. I told him I belong to a club called The Crazy Women’s Photography Club and he said “I think I met someone in that club last year here.” He said she was real nice and I said was she kinda short and had about 80 stickers on her car, and he said that was her! I told him she was the head CRAZY WOMAN! LOL!

He then said he shoots landscapes. Well, that opened the door, and I said if you were to do this, where would you take the picture? Mind you, I think I found out he was single. He said, “Do you know where the dam is?” I acted totally dumb and said “No, I’m not familiar with that area.” He said “I’m going there when I leave here.” So needless to say we both showed up there. We took pictures and talked. Well, he had been standing to the left of me and I took a picture and turned to say something to him and he was right behind me (in my personal space)… scared the daylights out of me. I thought to myself, oh gosh, he was trying to strangle me and I turned around too fast and spoiled his fun. The only reason I thought that is, I seem to always find the NUTS. I had a blow out on I-20 one time, and the only guy who stopped, ended up telling us he was on parole. WOW! Then I went to the Mineola Preserve and was sitting on a bench waiting for a hummer and a man drove up, sat next to me, and he started talking and he said he was on parole! I mean come on! REALLY? Why would you tell someone that? I need to have a security guard!

So, I told Fay, I may not have a good picture, but I got a story, and it’s true.”

White Rock Lake (Photo by Kinnie)

White Rock Lake
(Photo by Kinnie)