March Challenge: Landscape… Entry #10 “One Way”… Three Ways

Watch out Tess… here comes Marylin with THREE photos and I post them all
as it is an interesting entry about editing.

“Two months ago, I was walking around Lavon Lake on the way back to my trailer. I
noticed that the sun was hitting the trailer perfectly right before setting.
It is that time of the day when everything looks wonderful because the
light is just perfectŠ, in my opinion.

I did not have any of my cameras with me and I wanted to capture the moment.
Then, I realized that I did have a camera with me. My iPhone 6 Plus! I
pulled it out of my pocket and took the shot from where I was standing. I
even liked the One Way sign pointing to my trailer.

Later that night, I began to play with the picture. It looked just OK in
color. It was a JPG and not a RAW format, so to me, it was not a Lightroom
³tweaking² photo. I did use Lightroom to convert it to a TIFF format. I was
just given a free MacPhun software for Macintosh to review. It is called
Intensify Pro and it requires a TIFF format. I liked the black and white
effects that it gave to the sky. Then, I noticed that I had also captured a
piece of the moon. I saved it in black and white even though Intensify Pro
is mainly used for color pictures to bring out colors and details.

Afterwards, I experimented with another MacPhun software called Tonality. It
is a black and white photography software that I had not used much. I used
Tonality to compare it to the Intensify Pro and to include the comparison in
my review. I also saved the photo using Tonality. I am sending all 3
pictures. I have an issue with choosing a picture that looks better than
another. And, I just love to play around with new and FREE software.” 🙂

One Way Color (Photo by Marylin)

One Way Color
(Photo by Marylin)

One Way Tonality (Photo by Marylin)

One Way Tonality
(Photo by Marylin)

One Way Intensify (Photo by Marylin)

One Way Intensify
(Photo by Marylin)


4 thoughts on “March Challenge: Landscape… Entry #10 “One Way”… Three Ways

  1. Yes Marylin… technology is amazing and you have illustrated this well! Being that two-thirds of your photo is sky, I do believe I like the last photo the best as it seems to “intensify” the sky and also makes the One Way sign more readable and prominent in the photo. Interesting too that everything in this photo points to the left… the sign points to your casita and the tree points to the sky. An interesting take on landscape.

  2. I like the last one, I have to agree with Fay. It makes me think of the Wizard of Oz,which is a good thing. I love that movie. It’s interesting to see all 3 pictures.

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