March Challenge: Landscape… Entry #4 Bandon Beach

Thank you Anita for sending this photo our way!

“Very interesting! I didn’t realize that I shoot so few landscapes until I
started looking for something to share. Technically, I guess this one is a
seascape, but I loved the way the colors of the sunset were reflected on the
water and wet sand. I also loved the way the little wave was breaking over
the rock in the foreground.

I made this image in 2013 on a workshop at Bandon, OR. Most of the time we
were there, the weather was overcast, and while we had some show of color,
most sunrises and sunsets were pretty subdued. Then this happened. What a

Bandon Beach (Photo by Anita)

Bandon Beach
(Photo by Anita)


3 thoughts on “March Challenge: Landscape… Entry #4 Bandon Beach

  1. My last trip there, the clouds came in and everything was quite gray and never was able to catch a sunset. But this photo… this makes me wish I lived there to catch the beauty when it appears! The light is magical. Love the pink blush and the rocks in the foreground give depth to the image! A most tranquil scene… and not a strip mall or traffic to be seen!!!

  2. It is lovely. Beautiful colors. Sort of a light alizerin crimson. That’s one of my favorite colors in paint.

    I too don’t do many landscapes.

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