March Challenge: Landscape… Entry #3 Ready for Spring

Robin (the other Robin) sends us this next landscape.

“I vacillated about calling this “landscape”. I googled “landscape photography” and found definitions which supported my choice. So, here ya go.

It has foreground, lots of it. It has middle ground, if you really squint you can see it. And there is obviously background. This was during the most recent ice age in north Texas, made on March 5.

I did it hand-held, as with well over 99% of my images, because I’m lazy. I wanted some depth of field so was shooting f8. Daytime, so ISO 100, the best this body can do. And, the meter had me shoot  1/400th second, so I got a pretty sharp image hand-held. But, I’ll readily admit to sharpening it to within an inch of its life in post-processing.

I didn’t originally pay much attention to this image, but I’m growing more fond of it. You may see it again, maybe on Flickr, or CD, or both.”

Waiting for Spring (Photo by Robin W.)

Ready for Spring
(Photo by Robin W.)


4 thoughts on “March Challenge: Landscape… Entry #3 Ready for Spring

  1. Yes, yes… it is a landscape and I really like it! Looks to be very sharp throughout with all the little sticks and twigs in the foreground. Your exposure is excellent as well! Perhaps this is the last we will see of ice this year!

  2. I wondered if we would get more ice before spring but had no thoughts at all about getting some during spring and I like it! Missed you at our meetup Saturday.

  3. You are so brave to go out even during this very cold day. Pretty soon we will miss this weather.
    I too love the exposure.

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