Have you seen this CrAzY woman?

It seems that life has gotten in the way of posting this challenge and I will get back on it soon but first I would like to wish Tess a very Happy Birthday!!!

Hopefully, Tess will be joining us for the meeting this afternoon.   Knowing how she loves dogs, I thought this was appropriate to celebrate the day!124037593_4KI7MZ7_1427548764



5 thoughts on “Have you seen this CrAzY woman?

  1. Thank you so much Lala and Deanna. I love the picture and the puppy looks like my Hunter. Thank you so much for all the warm greetings crazies, it was my pleasure meeting the new ones and to those that I met before, it was great to see y’ll once again.

  2. Have a blessed new year, Tess. It was nice being with you again today and I like the series of photos with Fay presenting you the cake.

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