March Challenge: Landscape… Entry #2 Portland Head Light

Lee has just recently joined the “crazies” and I am so thrilled to have her as a part of the club. She is a very experienced photographer and we can all learn so much from her. After all, that is what this club is about… learning from each other and I think you will enjoy how she approaches her photo and shares her thought process!

“This is Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. I chose it because I like the action of the waves as their line leads your eye towards the lighthouse. The line of the rocky cliffs from the left corner also leads your eye towards the rocks by the light. The wispy clouds also lead your eye back toward the lighthouse. There are so many places your eye can wander but you always come back to the light….even if you wander out toward the horizon and the little lighthouse in the harbor. Even tho my horizon line is just above center, I think it works well to divide sky and ocean. I also like how you can see the ice on the rocks at the shoreline.

I nearly always add a trim line in color to my images and for this one, I picked the red of the smaller building to bring out the reds of the roofs. If I were to have this printed I would probably still choose the red hue to enhance the matt and bring out the roof color. I always add my watermark/credit line in case people decide to “share” my images.

It was 16 degrees with a very fierce wind blowing that day….I loved it!”

Portland Headlight (Photo by Lee)

Portland Headlight
(Photo by Lee)


6 thoughts on “March Challenge: Landscape… Entry #2 Portland Head Light

  1. WOW Lee! What an incredible shot. I’m sure that my shot would have been blurry as I would have been shivering so badly but then again, you may well have used your tripod! Shooting white snow can be difficult if you do not know what you are doing. The camera wants to turn it to 18% gray as it is so bright and then you end up with gray snow, but yours is pristine white! And how fortunate that you had a beautiful sky as well. The sweeping clouds leading to the lighthouse are perfect.

    Thanks for your explanation of your thought process and you make a good point about adding a watermark! Your trim line is very subtle but it sets the photo off so nicely.

  2. I LOVE this picture. Brings back some good memories of the time my mom and I went to Maine and went to that exact lighthouse. We went to a lot of them, but that one and Bar Harbor were my favorite. Thanks for letting me go down memory lane

  3. WOW!!!!! Thank you for this breathtaking image. Your description is so helpful. Minus the temperature, I would like to visit this place.

  4. Excellent, Lee. I agree with your assessment and appreciate you sharing your thoughts as well. The last time I was in this area my ears hurt from the cold wind.

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