February Challenge: Focus… Entry #5 The Rose… OK and OOPS!

Our next entry is from Linda…

“Both of my pics are of roses. The foliage behind Rose OK is in focus, but not in Rose Oops. I know this has to do with something technical, but am unsure what. Also, in Rose Oops my shadow is in the picture, which I’m sure is not a good thing!

Rose OK has ISO 125, focal length 19 mm, aperture 4.3475, and f4.5.

Rose OK (Photo by Linda)

Rose OK
(Photo by Linda)

Rose Oops is ISO 100, focal length 13 mm, aperture 4.34375, and f5.
Rose OOPS! (Photo by Linda)

Rose OOPS!
(Photo by Linda)

Is it the focal length that blurs the background in Oops? And is that simply because I’ve moved closer?”


2 thoughts on “February Challenge: Focus… Entry #5 The Rose… OK and OOPS!

  1. Thanks Linda for your entries! I think you are onto something. Yes, your focal length can make a difference as to how much of your photo is in focus. In looking at your specific data, I noticed that you list both an aperture and an f/stop and indeed this is how the imbedded data appears. I guess I have not seen that before and if anyone can speak to that, I would appreciate it. To my mind, your aperture is your f/stop.

    In photo OOPS, your shadow is definitely not a plus; however, sometimes I actually use my own shadow to block harsh light when shooting a close-up of a flower on a sunny day, but I think it is important to have the total area in the frame in shadow as opposed to being able to see the outlines of the shadow.

    Lots of interesting points brought up here.

    • Fay, you are correct on f-stop and aperture being the same thing.
      As far as the pictures go, I agree with Fay.
      The only thing I might have done, and this is just personal preference is to crop some on the ok Rose. But I’ve been told I crop too tight at times, again it’s a personal thing. Beautiful roses though. Good job

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