January Challenge: Your Best Shot… Entry #11 Magic Moment

Deanna, another of our newest members is submitting this photo. I met Deanna at a meet up with Capture Dallas and then ran into her at the arboretum one day and we spent the day shooting together. Deanna is a talented photographer and shoots a bit of everything and no wonder she had a difficult time deciding on one photo to submit!

“It’s very hard to pick a favorite or best but this day meant so much to me. This was taken the day before Rodney went in for an 8 hour surgery. I texted my friend Linda and asked if she wanted to go to the arboretum and take some photos because Rodney was going in for surgery and I knew it would be awhile before I could go again. She was there for me and said she needed it as much as I did. I think we both got some good photos that day. His surgery was a success!”

Magic Moment (Photo by Deanna)

Magic Moment
(Photo by Deanna)

7 thoughts on “January Challenge: Your Best Shot… Entry #11 Magic Moment

  1. I do have a special fondness for water lilies and these are very pretty with the reflections in the water. It will be good when they are blooming once again at the garden! Great having you in the club Deanna!

  2. I see why it’s a favorite. Aside from the sentimental connection, it’s an excellent image, so nicely balanced in composition between above the water and reflection.

  3. This is stunning. It even looks like a painting to me.
    You are a very brave woman with good choice of diversion style while waiting for a long surgery. Most family members will wait anxiously outside of the operating room. I applaud you for that.
    Great job Deanna.

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