January Challenge: Your Best Shot… Entry #8 Pigs in a Bucket

What a fun and lucrative story rebeKah has to share with us…

“I understood when Sassy mentioned about selecting a photo that it would be what we considered our “favorite” photo of the year. I noticed in the email reminder that the term “best photo” was used. I really could not determine which was best qualified and could barely select one under the favored term. I chose this one for the many surprises and fun it gave me.

These little piggies went to the State Fair of Texas.Having arrived at the fair grounds earlier than intended and being unaware the buildings, specifically the Creative Arts building, would not open til 10:00 a.m. I began to wander and wonder what I should do when I wandered across some pig pens and a cart on which a round tub full of brightly colored, cute, stuffed toy pigs was adjacently parked. I surmised the cart was used during the pig races and thought the irony of the situation with the stuffed pigs adjacent to the live pigs made for a humorous photo op.

A pickleball friend told me about a fair photo contest and wanted to know if I was interested. I told her the fair photos were already judged and were on view at the fair. She said the contest she was referencing was another which was currently in progress. I forgot to enter the contest until my Mom showed me a newspaper where the same contest had just completed week one of 4 and the first winner had been published in that paper. So, I entered this shot in the Neighborsgo Fair Photo Contest and it was chosen as Week #2 winner which entitled me to a publishing spread in the paper and a $500 gift card for Arlington Camera where I picked up a GoPro camera among other useful things and was unexpectedly/pleasantly surprised to meet Robin while there.And a group of us girls went to the fair and I was able to show them behind the scenes where we enjoyed visiting with these pigs and neighboring ostriches.”

Pigs in a Bucket (Photo by rebeKah)

Pigs in a Bucket
(Photo by rebeKah)


8 thoughts on “January Challenge: Your Best Shot… Entry #8 Pigs in a Bucket

  1. I can definitely see why this would be a favorite photo! And congratulations on the win! From seeing your many photos on Capture Dallas, I know that you have an eye for the unusual and sometimes quirky, unexpected shot… and isn’t that the fun of photography… not knowing what is around the next corner! I think this is beautifully executed and so humorous with the “real deal” in the background! The colors pop and I like the composition. Well done rebeKah! The next thing we know you will be buying a drone and flying that GoPro over the pig pen!

  2. Your story substantiates that you forget to enter contests you should enter. This is a great image and you should show it.

  3. Not quite the finished work I wanted because I was getting so sweaty trying to accomplish it I decided to settle for whatever was in the camera when I stopped. Without any food or assistance I do not recommend working with hungry pigs as your subject.

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