January Challenge: Your Best Shot… Entry #6 Made in the Mist

It’s good to have Donna joining in again with the challenges!

“Of all the pictures I took when my Mom and I visited Niagara Falls last year, this picture was my best photo!
This was taken when we were on our own tour of the boat following behind us. There were so many seagulls and the mist made a great background to silhouette  this classic Niagara Falls tourist attraction.”

Made in the Mist (Photo by Donna)

Made in the Mist
(Photo by Donna)


15 thoughts on “January Challenge: Your Best Shot… Entry #6 Made in the Mist

  1. Perfectly framed, perfectly composed, and I love the exposure level. I couldn’t possibly improve on this image.

  2. I lived in New Jersey for most of my life and I never made it up to Niagara Falls. I thought your play on words with the title and the name of the ship being Maid of the Mist was clever. Love all the gulls flying around! I personally would like to see the shadows lightened just a bit so I could read the ship name better as I keep finding myself straining to read it. But then again… I might need new glasses! Hahaha! So nice that you and your mom do things together! Great memories!

      • Just saw on the news today that part of Niagara Falls is frozen and some CrAzY guy climbed the frozen falls and made it to the top in about an hour. Immediately next to the frozen falls, part of it was still running. Just incredible!

  3. Not being a swimmer I get a bit phobic with lots of water around but your photo gives me a sense of romance. Like the combination of all the elements. And it was great seeing you again at the meetup!

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