January Challenge: Your Best Shot… Entry #4 Archer

This next photo is submitted by one of our newest members, Venus. It was nice to get to meet Venus at the January meeting and I am so pleased to have you as a member of the club.

Venus sent this comment… “I was in the right place at the right time for this one.”

I very much agree and this statue is one of my favorites at Fair Park! I have taken photos of this statue but yours has retained the rich colors that I like.

Archer (Photo by Venus)

(Photo by Venus)

As I had said at the beginning of the year at our first actual meeting, this year we are going to concentrate more on learning and with this in mind, I encourage everyone to feel free to offer suggestions if there is something that you feel could improve a photo so that we all may learn and discuss our photography. Our meetings will focus on specific lessons that we will be applying to our photos. So… with that in mind, I would like to take the liberty of reviewing what I like and also what I might like to change about this image.

The lighting of this statue is superb! It is beautifully exposed and I see in reviewing the properties that you underexposed by 1/3 stop which really makes the colors pop and prevents the statue itself from being overexposed. The focus is very sharp and the colors are excellent but my only complaint is the white matte edge and the bits of building intruding into the photo. My eye keeps being distracted by these, taking me away from the statue itself, so I took the liberty of playing with your photo to see what it would look like without those diversions by cropping a bit from all sides.

Cropped Image

Cropped Image

I may be off base and if so, please tell me so. I am interested in hearing everyone’s viewpoint on this. Should this image be cropped or should it not?


6 thoughts on “January Challenge: Your Best Shot… Entry #4 Archer

  1. This is such a likable piece but I’ve found it difficult to shoot. I very much like the tone/temp which so nicely reveals the details. I do prefer the cropped version. Is it possible to shoot the statue so pleasingly like this while simultaneously making the background to fade or diminish? I often arrive at something and realize it’s not in the best light/time. I suppose any shadows or inconsistencies could be altered in post work on the computer if it bothered us too much? Good strong image, Venus.

  2. I can’t count how many times I have seen this subject. I saw the subject beginning to glow and took the opportunity to capture something I had never seen before.
    It reminds me that sometimes luck plays a role in successful photography.
    like the Cropped version. Truthfully I am having cataloguing issues trying to figure that out and could not find my original raw image. I appreciate any feedback.
    Thank You.

    • Yes… I suppose there is a certain amount of luck in doing photography. I really loved your image and did not want anything to detract from the main focus of the image. Excellent work Venus!

  3. I’ve shot that guy so many times, he should at least be in intensive care, but no.

    I have only about one that I like that much. And I did crop out the superfluous stuff on the sides and top.

    And yes Ms. Venus, luck is your friend. In other art forms they call it “found objects” 🙂

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